The HealthTech Hub Africa Accelerator Program 2024 for healthtech startup

The HealthTech Hub Africa is an amazing healthtech accelerator that operates in Kigali, Rwanda. It’s not just your ordinary accelerator, it’s a hybrid pan-African hub that brings together innovators and experts to drive the development of health technologies in Africa. They work hand in hand with government partners and global health funders to fast-track these innovations and make a real impact on public health systems.

Growth Startups

One of the main goals of The HealthTech Hub Africa is to support African governments in addressing their biggest health challenges, especially those faced by low-income and underserved populations. They understand the importance of reaching out to those who need it the most and are committed to making a difference.

Members of The HealthTech Hub Africa get to be a part of an immersive innovation program that helps them refine their ideas and solutions. They also have access to investment readiness masterclasses, where they can learn how to attract funding and grow their startups. The hub also facilitates partner match-making with both public and private sectors, opening up doors for collaboration and support.

But it doesn’t stop there! The HealthTech Hub Africa provides mentorship to its members, guiding them every step of the way. They also offer opportunities for startups to test and validate their solutions in the public health system, ensuring that their products or services are making a positive impact on individuals.

If you’re a growth startup in the health sector, The HealthTech Hub Africa is the place to be. They are specifically looking for African registered companies with African founders who are operating in one of the four thematic areas. These startups should be offering a product or service that is creating positive health benefits and have a strong focus on monitoring their impact on individuals.

So, if you’re passionate about health and technology, The HealthTech Hub Africa is the perfect platform for you to grow and make a difference. Join the hub and be a part of the health revolution in Africa!


Cohort members will have the opportunity to enhance their business models, validate their solutions, and seamlessly integrate them into the public health sector. Here are some of the exciting benefits you can expect:

  1. Expert masterclasses to sharpen your skills and knowledge.
  2. Media training, public speaking, and pitch practice sessions to help you effectively communicate your ideas.
  3. Community support and peer learning, fostering collaboration and growth.
  4. Invitations to networking meetups and hybrid events across Africa and beyond, expanding your connections.
  5. Access to the HealthTech Hub Africa Impact Framework and training on how to utilize it.
  6. Showcasing your startup solutions and pitching at the prestigious HealthTech summits in Kigali, Rwanda.
  7. Mentorship from experienced volunteers with expertise in population health and technology.
  8. Support in understanding national digital health strategies and roadmaps, as well as developing public-private partnerships.
  9. Free access to top-notch legal services, accounting, marketing, talent acquisition, and accelerated fundraising.
  10. Introduction to digital interoperability standards like HL7 FHIR/WHO SMART Guidelines, facilitating integration with the public sector.
  11. Access to the HTHA public-private network, offering pro bono technology credits, advisory services, market access support, and funding opportunities.
  12. Training and access to an interactive platform for growth-level support, enabling you to refine your business models and prepare executive summaries effectively.

Join our cohort and embark on an exciting journey of growth and success in the health tech industry!


Scaleups are African startups that have already started making money and are registered in Africa. They are founded by Africans and operate in one of four specific areas. These scaleups are expected to offer products or services that have been proven to have positive health benefits. They also need to closely monitor the impact of their offerings on individuals such as clients, patients, community members, and health workers.

The main goal of the program is to help these scaleups validate and integrate their solutions on a large scale into one or more public health systems in Africa.

Benefita to Scaleups

Being part of this program comes with a range of benefits, including access to the same benefits offered to growth startups. Scaleups will also receive media training and exposure, as well as additional support to help them become investment-ready. They will have free access to top-notch legal services, accounting, marketing, talent acquisition, and accelerated fundraising.

If you want more information about the HealthTech Hub Africa Accelerator Program 2024, visit their official webpage.

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