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The hottest global startup industries – StartupBlink

Based on a sample of nearly 100,000 entities on the StartupBlink map, we can pinpoint interesting trends related to core startup industries in regard to their activity level  (number of startups), and scalability level (number of unicorns).

Here is a summary of our findings:The industry in which we see the most activity and scalability is Software & Data, with more than 24,000 startups and 255 Unicorns. 

The next most active industry is Social & Leisure Technology, with more than 8,000 startups but a relatively low number of Unicorns (26). 

The E-commerce & Retail Technology industry has a lower number of mapped startups (less than 7,000), but the second-highest scalability level, with 119 Unicorns.

Fintech features more than 8,000 startups and 110 Unicorns, and Health Technology features over 6,000 startups and 40 Unicorns.

Transportation Technology, features just over 2,000 startups, but is also highly scalable, with 55 Unicorns.
The hottest global startup industries
The hottest global startup industries

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