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The Pitcher Festival of Creativity Commences today

The Pitcher Festival of Creativity in a few hours! We are so excited about it, and we hope you are too. We have so much in store for you, and we are going to have such an exciting and enlightening time together

Don’t miss the exclusive series of specially curated webinars and panel sessions with CEOs, Creative Directors, and other seasoned professionals from the creative industry in Africa, who will have incisive discussions on critical issues affecting the African creative industry.

To crown it all, there will be an Awards Show, where the long-awaited winners of the Pitcher Awards will be announced. Stay glued to your screens!

The Pitcher Festival is free, and open to everyone who wants to participate. Just log on to www.pitcherfestival.com.   The awards show will be broadcast by 4:30pm on 4th July, 2020 on TVC News (DSTV Channel 418; GoTV Channel 45; StarTimes Channel 307; Play TV Channel 190; Starsat Channel 270 & Sky UK Channel 515 and 6:30pm on 4 July 2020 on TVC Entertainment – GoTV Channel 27; StarTimes Channel 121; Play TV
Channel 801; Terrestrial UHF 49

PROGRAMME SCHEDULE DAY ONE 2 JULY 2020Click title to visit programme page to see details and speakers
10:00 GMT+1 – How Can Diversity Improve the Quality of Storytelling and Creativity?
11:00 GMT+1 – Striking a Balance Between Mediocrity and Gender Inclusiveness12:00 GMT+1 – Prosperity and African Creativity: In Search of Wakanda13:00 GMT+1 – How will the Creative Industry in Africa Fare Under the Regime of the African Continental Free Trade?
14:00 GMT+1 – What can governments do to promote the creative industry & how can creativity help endear the people to the government?15:00 GMT+1 – Finding Happiness
16:00 GMT+1 – Karaoke Bar

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