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The reality behind remote work job availability, consumer fintech funding chills out, and more

How common are remote work gigs at hot startups?

To find out how common remote work opportunities are at hot startups, we compiled a sampling of U.S. companies that raised some of the largest early-stage funding rounds in the past six months. We then scrutinized job openings at each, looking to see how many are tethered to a physical location.

U.S. consumer fintech funding takes a (small) breather

It’s subtle, but maybe things are starting to slow a little in the U.S. consumer fintech startup funding space. We’re not seeing a clear downturn yet. And it’s definitely early to make projections. But something is definitely up.

So, I’m married to my co-founder. Lessons from a startup couple

Spouses and startups can co-exist beautifully, as long as the partners take steps to maintain the health of their personal and professional relationships. Shanea Leven, who co-founded CodeSee with her husband Josh, shares some guidance to minimize both personal and professional complications that may arise.

Reliance Health grabs $40M as VC funding to Nigeria heats up

Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, is also one of the region’s fastest-growing hubs for venture funding. Case in point, Reliance Health, a Lagos- and Austin-based digital health care provider, announced a $40 million Series B funding round led by General Atlantic.

Shift5 raises $50M as VCs focus on OT security

Arlington, Virginia-based cybersecurity company Shift5 closed a $50 million Series B led by Insight Partners—the latest example of investors returning to the operational technology (OT) security space.

What slowdown? Strong private-company funding pace continues

The startup funding environment in 2022 could look very different from 2021—the year new records were set across almost every benchmark for venture funding—though January remained very strong.

What’s behind the surge in funding to EV battery startups

EV battery startups—both hardware and software companies—raised more than $3.6 billion from venture investors last year, a massive surge compared to prior years. Investors say the increase is due to more deal flow, as well as interest in funding the next generation of technologies to power electric vehicles. We look at the companies and innovations getting funding.

Meera Clark on investing in a more equitable world

Meera Clark, principal at Obvious Ventures, is utilizing her finance and consumer knowledge to fund and support disruptive health and wellness startups. In this Q&A, Clark breaks down the values that drive her work and how a support network for women got her foot in the door.

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