These Are Countries Where Startup Funding Is Really Taking Off: Nigeria is number 3 – Joanna Glasner

In tech circles, it feels like Silicon Valley has been around forever. But in reality, the region’s first big venture-backed tech companies launched barely over 50 years ago.

Other global hubs, including Seattle, Bangalore and Beijing, have even shorter track records for startup funding. And tech hotspots like Austin and Sao Paolo, have really taken off only in the past few years.

So which places are set to be the next growth centers of startup funding action? For this latest Crunchbase slideshow, we perused our country-by-country funding data to pinpoint which nations are seeing the biggest jumps in funding activity.

Click through to see which countries saw the biggest year-over-year investment gains. The tabulations also include a look at deal counts, top cities for startups and notable rounds.*

Countries Where Startup Funding Is Really Taking Off from Crunchbase

*For this dataset, we did not include seed financings, focusing only on venture rounds of Series A and beyond. 

Flag illustrations: Dom Guzman

by Joanna Glasner , Crunchbase

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