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TPT Global Tech collaborates with SWA to develop 20 Smart Villages in West Africa

TPT Global Tech, a technology-based company with divisions providing telecommunications, medical technology, media content for domestic and international syndication as well as technology solutions, announced it has entered into a strategic technology agreement with Skybridge West Africa (SWA), to participate in the development of 20 Smart Villages in West Africa.

SWA has been offered and accepted to participate in a $5 billion community development project for their West African initiative to develop and build over 100,000 newly constructed homes utilizing the latest green technology over the next 5 years. The Smart Village infrastructure will consist of new home design and construction, new transportation capabilities, renewable energy, waste management technologies, installation of high-speed fiber-optic, 5G wireless cell towers, last-mile wireless technology, and ultra-performance cement technology. Skybridge will also develop the education system and programs for the new Smart Village.

Specifically, TPT Global Tech and its subsidiaries will provide the Smart Village with its proprietary suite of technology platforms including its ‘QuikLABS’ and ‘QuikPASS’ medical testing and verification systems, design and build the 5G wireless cell towers, fiber infrastructure and renewable energy technology for electricity and water. The company will also be providing ultra-performance concrete technology for roads, plumbing, sewer pipes, toilets, bathtubs, sinks, tiles and decorative fixtures for the housing community and medical clinics throughout the Smart Village. The subcontractor award portion projected to TPT Global Tech for its technology contribution and infrastructure build is estimated to be upwards to $3.5 billion of the total $5 billion Smart City budget.

As part of this total $5 billion project, SWA envisions housing that not only provides homes but also communities that recognize the requirements for affordable housing. To that end, SWA proposes to include the following elements as major components of its livable communities: Plan Smart Communities, Entrepreneurship Incubator, Construct Relevant Infrastructure, Schools, teacher-driven – (universal availability of work-class content), cloud-based mastery learning educational content, one-to-one device ratio, medical clinics, renewable energy, water/wastewater management, agriculture/Micro-Ag., integrated technology (community broadband), Smart transportation options, infrastructure, entrepreneurial jobs creation estimated at 25k+ over 10 years (based on World Bank estimate of job creation ratios), construction of off-site prefabricated construction factory and integration of technology into the design and construction.

“We are pleased and excited to join hands with Skybridge West Africa and feel fortunate that TPT Global Tech has been selected as the lead technology partner. TPT is uniquely positioned through its various subsidiaries, technology platforms and years of experience working in Africa and emerging markets to assist Skybridge with its Smart Village objectives in West Africa. This planned project will help position the company for future international project consideration and continue to position the company for its goal of up listing to a major exchange,” said TPT Global Tech’s Chairman & CEO, Stephen J. Thomas III.

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