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Türkiye is the top international destination for medical surgeries and medical tourism globally

According to a study conducted by Compare the Market Australia, Türkiye has emerged as the top international destination for medical surgeries. The study analyzed the average monthly online search volume for key cosmetic, organ, and dental-related surgeries in 18 countries. Türkiye attracted the highest interest, with an average of 28,540 overseas searches per month.

Thailand followed closely behind with 8,130 medical tourism searches per month, particularly for organ-related heart and gender affirmation surgeries. South Korea also garnered significant interest, with a combined total of 5,880 searches per month, thanks to its reputation as a hub for cosmetic surgery within the K-pop music industry.

Steven Spicer, the Executive General Manager of Health at Compare the Market, highlighted that while traveling abroad for medical procedures can be cost-effective, some treatments can be covered by private health insurance policies without the need for international travel. He emphasized the advantages of the Australian private health insurance system, which ensures access to registered and qualified medical professionals who adhere to Australian health standards. This system also offers the convenience of choosing preferred doctors, suitable hospitals, and faster treatment access. In many cases, treatments that people commonly seek overseas can be included in private health insurance policies in Australia, especially when they are medically necessary and require in-hospital treatment.

However, insurance policies vary in terms of coverage and cost, making it essential to compare them in order to find a policy that meets your specific requirements.

SOURCE: ETHealthworld

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