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Unilever stops production of Omo, Lux, Sunlight, Vaseline, Pears, etc.

Unilever Nigeria Plc, a leading consumer goods company, has recently made a significant decision to discontinue the production and sale of its home care and skin cleansing products. This decision was announced in the company’s unaudited interim report for the twelve months ending on December 31, 2023. The report also revealed that Unilever Nigeria achieved a remarkable turnover of N97.4 billion during this period, representing a substantial 51% increase compared to the N64.6 billion turnover recorded in the same period in 2022.

Unilever had previously disclosed its intention to cease the production of popular brands such as Omo, Sunlight, and Lux in 2023. The company’s financial statements, submitted to the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX), disclosed that the factory buildings where the home care and skin cleansing products were manufactured have been leased out to a third party for a duration of 10 years, with annual rental payments.

The affected products include well-known brands such as Omo washing powder, Key soap, Pears baby care goods, Vaseline petroleum jelly, and Lux soap. Unilever Nigeria clarified that the factory used for producing these products has been leased to a third party. Consequently, the company will now focus solely on its foods, beauty and wellbeing, as well as personal care products, following its exit from the Home Care and Skin Cleansing categories.

Furthermore, Unilever Nigeria announced the appointment of Mr. Michael Ikpoki as the interim Board Chairman, replacing His Majesty, Nnaemeka A. Achebe, Obi of Onitsha, who retired from the Board on December 31, 2023. This change in leadership reflects the company’s commitment to ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining its strong position in the market.

Overall, Unilever Nigeria’s decision to discontinue the production and sale of its home care and skin cleansing products marks a significant shift in its business strategy. By focusing on its core product categories and optimizing its operations, the company aims to enhance its competitiveness and drive sustainable growth in the Nigerian market.

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