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Urgent Info for Young Professionals – Invitation to create a LIONS Short films (max 5 minutes)

LIONS Shorts are a series of short films (max 5 minutes) that offer a short, sharp burst of inspiration and share a clear, thought-provoking
perspective on creativity. We want the viewer to walk away feeling energised that creativity is the answer and informed by a new left-field
viewpoint. A microdose of powerful creative thinking. The range of perspectives will be broad and reflect the rich mix of disciplines, people,
countries and organisations that make our industry what it is. The subsequent pages share more details on suggested subjects to consider.

You will create a film for us to publish on Cannes Lions Live (June 21-25). Length – this is a short film so we recommend minimum 2 minutes,
maximum 5 minutes. We’ll need you to storyboard an idea, create a script and bring the film to life with animation and graphics.

DOs and DON’Ts
These are designed as well-crafted expressions of creativity, these are not pre-recorded presentations or a pre-recording of a zoom call. We
recommend you focus on a simple clear idea and bring it to life with rich visuals

Download brief to get more information

Download Brief

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