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Use your Gmail account or else Google will delete it in December 2023

Beginning in December 2023, Google will begin erasing Gmail accounts. Do you need to worry? Is there a chance your Gmail account could be deleted? What ought one to do? Understand every detail.

Google has announced that, as of December 2023, all associated Google services content, such as Gmail emails, Google Drive files, Google Docs, Google Calendar appointments, and Google Photos, may be permanently deleted by the company from Gmail accounts that have not been used or logged into for two years or more. Google claims that accounts that are routinely used won’t be affected, but accounts that are neglected or have obsolete security are open to hacking. For this reason, accounts that have been inactive for long periods of time will be removed in an effort to increase security as a whole.

Is It Adequate to Fear Data Loss?

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t become alarmed even if your account meets the requirements to be inactive. In the months preceding the account deletion date, Google will notify the dormant Gmail address and any associated recovery email address several times. Security concerns are the driving force behind this policy change because abandoned accounts typically lack two-factor authentication and rely on passwords that have been hacked.

Google Is targeting Old Accounts That Could Be Hacked

Google’s data shows that compared to frequently used accounts, unattended accounts are at least ten times less likely to have two-factor authentication enabled. Because of this vulnerability, hackers can easily target accounts that are neglected.

Google seeks to lower the overall risk of account intrusions by eliminating extremely old and unused accounts that most likely use antiquated security procedures. Reusing passwords for forgotten accounts was identified by the organization as a significant issue.

How Should You Proceed?

You must act quickly if you have an account of this type that has been inactive for a while yet has a wealth of data. To activate and utilize it, all you have to do is go to your Gmail account or Gmail services.

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