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VC4A Launches Upgraded Mentorship Marketplace

VC4A maintains a global network of professional, dedicated, and active mentors that seek to give back their time and expertise to entrepreneurs growing high-growth high-impact companies. At the same time, VC4A makes this global network accessible to founders who are growing such a venture and who can greatly benefit from mentorship.

Therefore, VC4A is delighted to invite you to the newly launched marketplace, a complete overhaul with brand new improvements we think you’ll love (see attached diagram).

The main change is another model based on the ability of entrepreneurs to browse and filter through existing mentors and apply to the one they find most fitting.

 See for yourself on and create a new mentor profile today!

How the new VC4A mentorship marketplace works

Please be aware that registering for the new mentorship marketplace is needed to stay active as a mentor on the VC4A platform.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Engage exciting founders, learn about new markets and models, grow as a mentor by finding ventures suitable to your skillset
  2. Build your own skills as a mentor
  3. Possibility to charge for your time if you would want to.
  4. Be more in control. You decide which startup request to accept, and, when and how you organize the mentoring.

Register for the beta version here.

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