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Where Will This Year’s All Africa Music Awards Actually Take Place?

The All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) 2024 is coming but wins the hosting right for the event? The African Union Commission (AUC) has extended official invitations to the governments of Nigeria and South Africa to capitalize on the hosting rights benefits of the upcoming two editions of the esteemed annual All Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA (www.AFRIMA.org).

In a correspondence marked with reference number HHS/CUL/16/170.23 and endorsed by the AUC’s Commissioner for Health, Humanitarian Affairs, and Social Development, Her Excellency, Ambassador Minata Samate Cessouma, the AU stated that the invitation is in line with its strategies for the strategic advancement of Africa through social integration, as articulated in AU Agenda 2063, the Charter for African Cultural Renaissance, and the AU Plan for Action on Cultural and Creative Industry.

The AU characterizes AFRIMA as a worldwide platform for honoring and nurturing Africa’s diverse musical talents and cultural legacy, emphasizing the significant opportunities that come with hosting the prestigious awards for the chosen host country.

“Since 2014, the African Union has been collaborating and achieving success with AFRIMA to develop, celebrate, and promote African music on a global scale for the purpose of integration, economic prosperity, and world peace through its seven core pillars: (1) Music Awards, (2) Music Festivals; (3) AFRIMA Creative Academy; (4) Talent Discovery and Promotions; (5) Music Business Hub; (6) Advocacy; (7) Advisory and Policy Debates,” the communication states.

“AFRIMA stands as the largest and most enduring music award and platform in Africa, with a vast global following, diaspora viewership, and youthful supporters. The main events of AFRIMA are typically broadcast live to over 84 countries worldwide following a continental and global roadshow, with numerous music artists, actors, celebrities, members of the diplomatic community, professionals in the creative sector, tourists, media, and fans from across the globe converging on the host nation.”

The Minister of Art, Culture and Creative Economy, Hannatu Musawa, has received a letter on behalf of the Nigerian government, emphasizing the potential benefits of hosting AFRIMA. The letter highlights Nigeria’s status as a beacon in African music and its large young population, suggesting that hosting AFRIMA could enhance the country’s global presence, boost artistic, tourism, and economic growth, promote cultural exchange, create job opportunities, and positively represent Africa’s rich cultural heritage on a global scale.

The previous edition of AFRIMA was successfully hosted and partnered by the government of the Republic of Senegal in Dakar. The hosting rights for AFRIMA are typically granted to a country that demonstrates the capacity and commitment to meet the necessary requirements and conditions.

Ms. Angela Martins, the Acting Director for Social Development, Culture, and Sports Division at the African Union Commission, has confirmed the invitation and request for bidding to host AFRIMA extended to Nigeria and South Africa. She emphasizes that hosting AFRIMA provides a unique opportunity for the host country to showcase its cultural heritage, develop its music sector, promote tourism, and stimulate economic growth.

The African Union’s commitment to promoting cultural exchange, unity, and economic development across the continent is reflected in this call to action. The governments of Nigeria and South Africa are urged to seize this opportunity to strengthen collaboration within the music industry and enhance their international visibility, in line with the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCTA) agreement.

AFRIMA is recognized as a premier platform for African artists, both in Africa and the diaspora, to showcase their talent, gain international exposure, and connect with audiences worldwide. As the bidding process approaches its deadline, the African Union remains dedicated to providing support and guidance to ensure a successful hosting of AFRIMA.

She further reiterated the African Union Commission’s readiness to work with the selected host country to maximize impact of the event on the African music industry, tourism, economy growth, and socio-cultural landscape.

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