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World No Tobacco Day: Protecting Children from Tobacco Industry Interference 

The 2024 World No Tobacco Day is dedicated to safeguarding children from the harmful influence of the tobacco industry. This year’s theme, “Protecting Children from Tobacco Industry Interference,” underscores the need to shield young individuals from the manipulative tactics employed by tobacco companies in promoting their products. The aim is to foster collaboration among youth, policymakers, and advocates for tobacco control to address this pressing issue and advocate for government regulations that safeguard children from the harmful effects of tobacco and related industries.

CSEA, as a sustainability partner of the Tobacco Control Data Initiative (TCDI 2.0) led by Development Gateway, has prepared a comprehensive factsheet in observance of World No Tobacco Day. This resource sheds light on the prevalence of tobacco use among children and the interference of the tobacco industry in countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, and Zambia. Download Factsheet

As part of the activities commemorating the 2024 World No Tobacco Day, CSEA and Development Gateway, our partner, participated in the ministerial press briefing organized by the Federal Ministry of Health in Abuja earlier today. CSEA was represented by Priscilla Airohi-Alikor, a research associate, and Adaora Ofodum, a communications assistant.

During the briefing, stakeholders highlighted their achievements and contributions to Nigeria’s tobacco control initiatives. The Federal Ministry of Health praised Development Gateway for providing data that supports their tobacco control endeavors. The ministry also expressed its commitment to collaborating with all stakeholders to achieve the objective of eradicating tobacco use.

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