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Yellow Pay now available across Africa

Yellow Card announced that its ground-breaking new payment option, Yellow Pay, is now formally offered throughout Africa. With Yellow Pay, users can send and receive money instantaneously and without any additional fees using the Yellow Card cryptocurrency exchange platform using just a few taps on their phone.

In order to conduct consumer transactions in USDT, the company’s Yellow Pay, which was previously solely accessible in Nigeria, employs the Yellow Card cryptocurrency trading platform.

According to Yellow Card CEO and Co-Founder Chris Maurice, this is more than simply a money transfer service; it’s a potent instrument that will open up new prospects for individuals all around Africa. “We are contributing to the development of a more connected and dynamic Africa by making rapid, affordable cross-border transactions possible.

The new offering processes customer transactions in USDT using the cryptocurrency exchange platform of Yellow Card. It’s crucial to understand that Yellow Pay is not a service for sending money abroad or for exchanging currencies. Yellow Pay is actually a cutting-edge cryptocurrency exchange solution.

Customers can now send money to anyone in all Yellow Card nations with just their phone number, and the recipient will be able to receive and withdraw the funds after they sign up. This is one of the biggest updates since the product was launched in Nigeria earlier this year. Prior to now, Yellow Pay could only be sent and received by current subscribers. The unfettered transfer of data inside the same nation is the other improvement.

Yellow Card is a need for anyone wishing to easily take charge of their finances thanks to a number of cutting-edge features, the most recent of which being Yellow Pay. This new product feature not only makes it simpler for families to help one another across Africa, but it also expands investment opportunities, improves access to finance, increases business grants, and generally makes it easier to conduct business, Chris continued.

Yellow Card announced that it would use the $40 million it received in a Series B fundraising round to support growth, create new products, and extend its strategic alliances throughout Africa four months prior to the launch of Yellow Pay.

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