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ZEEF.COM – Entrepreneur Tools by Mohammad Keyhani

ZEEF.COM is a repository of Tools & resources for startups & entrepreneurs. Focus on released tools requiring no coding, cheap / free / have free plan, or otherwise worthwhile for bootstrapping startups. Initially made for entrepreneurship students @ Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary. ZEEF has been featured on ProductHunt. It is a Curated Directory for Development & Tech Resources

ZEEF lets people find & share quality development/tech resources.

With the rapid growth of the web, it is becoming harder to find & expose quality resources within development & technology niches. This is where ZEEF comes in. We’ve designed a platform to let people cut through the noise of the web and share the best dev/tech resources via list(s). Whether you’re an expert in Java or a beginner in game development, our growing community of 8,000+ users caters for all within development & technology.


Our mission is to continuously develop our platform to make it the ideal solution in allowing people to filter & discover quality resources on the web.


All the best resources for development & technology, split up in categorized lists. That’s what you’ll find on ZEEF. Hand picked by our community members and grown with your suggestions.


ZEEF started as the brainchild of Klaas Joosten. Known for his previous work at M4N. Around 2003 he started work on the predecessor of ZEEF, A platform where people could organize links.

Fast forward to december 2013, when M4N was sold. Klaas and his team decide to start working on ZEEF.

Officially released in July 2014, the focus was on growing our user base. Within a year, 1,000 members got their lists published in our directory!

While reviewing our topics, we started to see a similarity between the top. They were all related to the development and technology scene. Research showed that the need for quality resources in this field was the reason behind this. So following our mission the decision was made to focus on helping the development community.

Since our new focus we can say that we have members from over a 100 countries. All of them helping ZEEF by creating their lists and suggesting new links to existing ones.


Jan beernink          Marina Polovinchuk              Dennis Brouwer

Jan Beernink                            Marina Poloninchuk                  Dennis Brouwer

Senior Java Developer              Designer                                    Database Specialist

Arjan Pronk       Robin Eggenkamp     Klaas Joosten

Arjan Pronk                               Robbin Eggenkamp                Klaas Joosten

Product Owner                           Scrum Master                         CEO

Bauke Scholtz         Arjan Tijms           Robert Thorpe

Bauke Scholtz                       Arjan Tijms                            Robert Thorpe


Web App Specialist             Lead Developer                      Community Manager

With ZEEF you find information through people through over 200 subject areas. Find 3.8M links hand-picked by 1,587 curators over 2,647 ZEEF pages.


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