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5 things every African journalist should know – Solutions Journalsim

  1. Discover the impact of Solutions Journalism in connecting with younger audiences, as highlighted by Liesbeth Nizet, managing director at Mather Economics. Solutions Journalism offers a sense of hope, optimism, and inspiration, fostering a relationship based on shared values and the mutual goal of creating a better world. It goes beyond reporting news to inspire a more informed, hopeful, and engaged community. The Solutions Journalism Network provides free online training on this approach.
  2. Seeking funding for conservation and biodiversity reporting? Apply for the Earth Network Journalism Biodiversity media grant, offering between €10,000 and €12,000. This grant supports the creation of in-depth stories to enhance coverage of biodiversity and conservation issues, as well as training, capacity building, and the development of journalist networks focused on these topics. Deadline for applications is 9 April. More details available.
  3. Attention journalists interested in international affairs! An opportunity awaits to spend 10 weeks at the United Nations headquarters in New York, covering the 79th United Nations General Assembly. Print, television, radio, and internet journalists are encouraged to apply, including freelance journalists. Deadline for applications is 5 April. Further information can be found.
  4. Kenya’s tea farms are renowned for supplying some of the most well-known tea brands globally, with the tea industry providing employment to one in ten Kenyans. However, a dark reality exists within tea production in the country, as women are coerced into trading sex for job opportunities. Investigative journalist Tom Odula from Kenya shed light on this issue in a BBC Africa Eye documentary titled Sex for Work: The True Cost of Our Tea, which received the top prize at the first African Investigative Journalist of the Year Award. This prestigious award is an initiative of the Wits Centre for Journalism and the African Investigative Journalism Conference, recognizing the investigation for its compassionate approach towards the victims of sexual violence, as well as the unwavering determination and bravery in holding the perpetrators accountable. With 25 years of experience in the field, the BBC freelance reporter has worked extensively with both international and local media. Stay tuned to Newzroom Afrika to discover the inspiration behind this impactful investigation.
  5. Impactful narratives: Discover the inspiring tales of individuals like Ntobeko Thokozisile Mafu, a 23-year-old entrepreneur dedicated to uplifting her rural community through education and guidance. Witness the transformation of Harare’s Eastlea suburb by Paula Marowa’s vision to rejuvenate Zimbabwe’s leather industry at Rukanda Pride leather store. Follow Chido Dzinotyiwei’s journey from Zimbabwe to South Africa, where she turned a language barrier into an innovative opportunity with Vambo AI, an app designed to bridge linguistic gaps across the continent.
  6. Collaborating with the Thomson Foundation, we present a digital course titled African Stories: A comprehensive guide for journalists on crafting impactful narratives about Africa. This course is complimentary and can be completed in just three hours. Upon completion, you can submit your stories to bird story agency and receive compensation for sharing stories that authentically portray Africa.

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