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The partnership agreement signed on Monday 18th March 2024 between Ikeja Electric and USAID marks a significant milestone in the Nigeria Power Sector Program under the Power Africa Initiative. With the goal of reducing ATC&C losses, both organizations are committed to working together to achieve Ikeja Electric’s corporate objectives.

Under this collaboration, USAID will provide support to Ikeja Electric in various areas, including the implementation of strategies to reduce commercial losses. This will involve identifying and addressing the root causes of losses, such as theft and non-technical losses, and implementing measures to mitigate them effectively.

Additionally, USAID will assist Ikeja Electric in power procurement, ensuring that the company has access to reliable and affordable electricity supply. This support will help strengthen the company’s operations and enable it to meet the growing demand for electricity in Nigeria.

Furthermore, the partnership will focus on enhancing revenue protection capabilities. This will involve implementing measures to improve billing and collection processes, as well as strengthening the company’s ability to detect and prevent revenue leakages.

By combining their strengths, expertise, and resources, Ikeja Electric and USAID aim to drive ongoing progress in the power sector in Nigeria. This collaboration will not only benefit Ikeja Electric but also contribute to the overall development of the power sector in the country.

Overall, the partnership agreement between Ikeja Electric and USAID represents a significant step forward in the efforts to improve the power sector in Nigeria. With the support of USAID, Ikeja Electric will be better equipped to achieve its corporate goals and contribute to the economic growth and development of the country.

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