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Activists and Artists call for global plastics treaty to end the age of plastics

Thirteen incredible activists, athletes, and actors from all corners of the world have come together in a powerful video to call for an end to the plastic era. This 90-second video, created by Greenpeace International, sets the stage for the Global Plastics Treaty negotiations (INC3) at the United Nations Environment Programme headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, a passionate activist and Indigenous leader, emphasizes the importance of protecting Indigenous Peoples and declares, “Let’s put an end to the age of plastic. Our African land should never be treated as a dumping ground.”

Dr. Jane Goodall, the renowned ethologist and conservationist, highlights the devastating impact of plastic on wildlife and emphasizes that recycling alone cannot solve the plastic crisis. She urges, “We must end the age of plastic and reduce its production.”

Nemonte Nenquimo, a respected Waorani leader and recipient of the 2020 Goldman Environmental Prize, speaks out against the contamination of their territory and the pollution of rivers and lands caused by plastic. She states firmly, “It’s time to end the age of plastic.”

Even Emmy Award-winning actor Lee Jung-Jae, famous for his role in the popular series Squid Game, lends his voice to the campaign. He reminds us that our planet doesn’t have a “replay” button like a game, emphasizing the need for a strong Global Plastics Treaty to bring an end to the plastic era.

Other notable figures, including Celina Jaitly, William Shatner, and Janet Hsieh, have also joined Greenpeace’s campaign to exert pressure on world leaders to agree on a robust Global Plastics Treaty that addresses the crisis of plastic pollution at its source.

Plastic, derived from fossil fuels and containing toxic additives, releases harmful toxins into the environment when produced and incinerated. This contributes to the global rise in temperatures, exacerbating the negative impacts of the climate crisis.

Hellen Kahaso Dena, the Project Lead for the Pan African Plastic Project at Greenpeace Africa, emphasizes that African cities and coastlines are drowning in waste. She urges African leaders to recognize the urgent need for a legally binding global plastics agreement.

List of artists, activists and athletes in the video

  • Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE – Founder – the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace
  • Lee Jung-Jae – actor
  • Nemonte Nenquimo – Waorani leader and Co-Founder of Amazon Frontlines & Ceibo Alliance
  • Celina Jaitly – actor and UN Equality Champion
  • William Shatner – actor and author
  • Hindo Oumarou Ibrahim – Coordinator of Indigenous women and peoples association of Chad and co-chair of International Indigenous Peoples Forum on Climate Change
  • Maria Poonlertlarp – activist
  • Ryu Jun-Yeol – actor
  • Janet Hsieh – TV presenter
  • Psalm Wooching – athlete
  • Celina Jade – actor
  • Latu Latunipulu – athlete
  • Josh Furno – athlete

Together, these passionate voices and influential figures are united in their call to end the age of plastic and protect our planet for future generations. Let’s join them in this crucial fight for a cleaner and healthier world.

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