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President Tinubu meets VP of Islamic Dev. Bank for multi-billion dollar infrastructure finance facility

President Bola Tinubu was in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on Monday night to discuss a multi-billion-dollar infrastructure finance facility with the Islamic Development Bank.

The facility will fund various infrastructure projects at both federal and sub-national levels in Nigeria. After evening prayers, President Tinubu held substantive investment discussions with Dr. Mansur Muhtar, the Vice President (Country Programs) of the Islamic Development Bank.

Nigeria is a beacon of hope for Africa, and President Tinubu said he is determined to create a bright future for the country’s youth. He believes that investments in Nigeria will be highly profitable and that the country’s deficits in port infrastructure, power infrastructure, and agro-allied facilities present a unique opportunity for savvy investors. President Tinubu  said he is committed to working with the Islamic Development Bank to scale up their partnership and achieve even greater success.

The financial world has been closely monitoring President Tinubu’s economic reforms, and the Vice President of the Islamic Development Bank recognizes the historic significance of his efforts. Together, they hope to create a brighter future for Nigeria and the entire African continent.

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