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AfriKing Homes hands over Abuja National Stadium training pitch to FMSD under the Adopt-A-Facility Initiative

The management of AfriKing Homes has successfully completed the Abuja National Stadium training pitch and turned it over to the Ministry of Sports Development under the Adopt-A-Facility Initiative, much to the satisfaction of the Honorable Minister of Sports Development, Senator John Enoh.

Top ministry officials, including Senator John Enoh, were present at a mini-ceremony on Thursday in Abuja when the real estate company officially turned over the fully restored pitch to the Ministry.

Early this year, Afriking Homes took on the task of restoring the training field at Moshood Abiola National Stadium as a part of the Adopt-A-Pitch program, which was started by Hon. Sunday Dare, the former Minister of Youth and Sports Development.

Senator Enoh praised the group for its outstanding dedication and flawless implementation during the event, calling it a noteworthy accomplishment.

Senator Enoh encouraged other businesses to actively engage in such endeavors and to follow suit. He reaffirmed that the Ministry is prepared to work with the business sector to further sports development in accordance with the National Sports Industry Policy.

“This is no-easy feat, and it is driven by passion and benevolence, love for the sports and love for the country,” added the minister. “The Sports Ministry is happy of Afri Kings Homes Ltd. for their generosity and commends them for their work. We shall keep fostering this collaboration in the interest of the country.”

Notably, the Ministry of Sports Development, which I oversee, has also pledged to maintain the initiative that allowed AfriKings Homes to embark on this project. The name of the program has changed to Adopt-A-Facility. That is the only change. For the Ministry’s purposes, a facility is more than that. We want to make sure that there is room for all sporting federations to prosper as we work with a number of other federations.”

AfriKing Homes’ chairman, Kingsley James Awodi, emphasized the company’s commitment to the project and said that it was their corporate duty to assist the government in improving the country’s sporting facilities, which included revitalizing Practice Pitch 1 at the Moshood Abiola National Stadium.

For the next two years, Awodi gave the Sports Minister their undying promise to maintain and care for the facilities. This important project is evidence of the private sector’s critical role in supporting the construction and upkeep of sports facilities for the growth of sports in Nigeria.

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