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AFWL2020 Designer Spotlight: Designer Ile Moremi Helps Fight Modern Day Slavery with Fashion

Nigerian design collective, Ile Moremi, returns again showcasing indigenous tie-dye textile, Adire, in their signature jumpsuits and basketweave jackets

Ile Moremi Collection inspired by the Legendary Queen Moremi Ajasoro who sacrificed to save her people from slavery. These unique jumpsuit pieces are made in Nigeria using indigenous Adire from Ogun State

Profits from the Ile Moremi Collection goes towards campaigns and programs against Modern-day slavery and trafficking of young women

The campaigns create awareness for this new phase of slavery and integration programs helps them back into society through education grants and start-up funds

How Adire is made
The Adire fabric textile is made used by using four techniques in the designing and dying of fabrics.  These are:  

  1. PLEATING: This is a technique in Adire that involves folding of fabrics by doubling the fabric back upon itself on securing it n folds so as to have the fabrics lined up in layers. At this point, the fabric can then be gathered or arranged into narrower form. In doing this, there is always the desired pattern before folding.  After folding,  twine, rope or raffia is used to tie the fabric in ways to protect it from the dye.
  2. MARBLING: Also known as Crack or Jacquard, this is a technique that crumples the fabric. This method helps in preventing the effect of dyes. No rope is needed to tie the fabrics.  The dye is applied in a sieve or a cup.
  3. KNOTTING (ELESO/ONIKO): It is a process that involves using raffia or ropes to tie several parts of the fabrics to produce various sized circles.
  4. PAINTING: This is another of creating splashes of colour after the Adire process to ensure the brightness of the pattern
  5. As you can see, the effect is stunning.  Come and see the Ile Moremi collection at #AFWL2020


Expect exciting catwalk shows, expect to shop until you drop, expect celebrities, African food, and inspiring talks forum. There’s plenty to see and do at Africa Fashion Week London 2020

2020 will also see the launch of our Graduate Fashion & Design day.  Universities and Higher Education Colleges will be invited to register their students of fashion, hair & beauty, architecture and habitat design, art, photography & journalism to take part in our student catwalk and exhibition day

Doors open:    12 Noon Freemasons’ Hall
60 Great Queen Street
London WC2B 5AZ
6th August – Graduate Fashion & Design Showcase7th August – AFWL2020 Friday Showcase, Exhibition & Business Fashion Talks Forum8th August – AFWL2020 Saturday Showcase, Exhibition & Business Fashion Talks Forum

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