Application for Cohort 3 of the Muhammad Sanusi II SDG Challenge is now open.

All teachers in sub-Saharan Africa are encouraged to submit applications for this year’s MSII SDG Challenge if they have creative educational projects. This is part of the Muhammad Sanusi II Sustainable Development Goals (MSII SDG) Initiative.

Teachers who think that education is the key to innovation and who are driven enough to create ideas that improve the African educational system can now apply for Cohort 3 of the MSII SDG Challenge. This program aims to give teachers the tools they need to create scalable educational programs. Our goal is to encourage and support educators in creating creative community projects that emphasize SDGs 4 — Quality Education — and 5 — Gender Equality.

The Challenge offers a forum for unique access to mentoring, training, and pertinent networking opportunities to create a lasting effect. It is open to practicing teachers based anywhere in sub-Saharan Africa.

“Our goal is to build a grassroots movement of educated changemakers who are on the front lines of society. We established this challenge on the tenet that Africa has everything it requires to overhaul its educational systems internally and that empowering teachers is the quickest way to do so. – HH Muhammad Sanusi II, UN SDG Supporter and MSII Founder

Teachers chosen to take part in the MSII SDG Challenge will get a $2,000 initial grant for their projects, participate in a thorough incubation program, and then be eligible to apply for a follow-up grant of up to $10,000 and an accelerator opportunity. A unique platform with access to top-notch teaching resources will also be made available to all accepted teachers, helping them to improve the outcomes of their projects and instruction.

Visit www.msiisdg.org to submit an application for Cohort 3 of the MSII SDG Challenge. Application submissions must be received by May 20, 2023.

In collaboration with 1 Million Teachers, the Muhammad Sanusi II Sustainable Development Goal (MSII SDG) Initiative is a nonprofit organization that aims to improve teachers’ abilities to deliver an inclusive learning environment that inspires creative community educational initiatives. To help instructors through the phases of ideation, project implementation, and scaling up, the MSII SDG Challenge focuses on social entrepreneurship principles and systems thinking. The MSII SDG Initiative works to advance SDGs 4 (excellent education) and 5 (gender equality) through grassroots initiatives.

The MSII SDG Challenge aims to increase children’s access to high-quality, secure education, especially for girls who are at risk.
Visit www.msiisdg.org for application information and more details.

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