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Paddy rice records a 3-week gain amid high demand

With a weekly rise of 4.40% in Maize, it was the only stock to increase on the Exchange last week. With a gain of 2.95% w-o-w, maize also placed first on the gainers’ chart on the open market. The lack of the commodity on the market was what motivated this.

Due to advances in maize, the AFEX Commodity Index outpaced the AFEX Export Index. The former increased by 0.58% w-o-w while the latter slightly decreased by 0.01%. Due to supply limitations and increasing demand, market players expect maize and paddy rice prices to continue to rise.

Market Price Performance

Most commodities on the Exchange showed an increase in price during the most recent trading week. Paddy rice, which increased 3.82% w-o-w, led the grains gainers list.
Paddy rice led the list of grain gainers on the open market, rising 2.92% w-o-w.
While most commodities saw increases in price on the global market today.
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