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Applications Open for World Water Challenge 2018!

Applications are open for World Water Challenge 2018 which is an international contest for water solutions. This 4th edition of World Water Challenge is expected to serve its role as an important platform to share the ideas and know-hows towards solving the defined water issues around the world and to forge a broad network among the water-related experts and stakeholders.

World Water Challenge 2018 will be held as one of the signature programs of KIWW 2018 which will take place in September in Daegu Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea.


  • Topic 1: Efficient Water Management (SDGs links: SDG 6.4 Water Use Efficiency)
    • Urban water efficiency
    • Agricultural water efficiency
    • Industrial water efficiency
    • Energy efficiency in water and waste water systems
    • Keywords: sustainable water resources management, water resources security, water production improvement technology, water supply management, water and industry, water-energy-food nexus, water resources development, trans-boundary water resources management, dam and river system operation
  • Topic 2: Resource Recovery from Water and Wastewater Systems (SDGs links: 6.1 Safe Water, 6.2 Sanitation)
    • Water recycling and reuse technologies
    • Energy production from water and waste water cycles
    • Nutrient recovery from waste water
    • Keywords: water and wastewater treatment technology, safe and clean technology for drinking water, sanitation and health science, sea water desalination, water-energy production technology, renewable energy, total water pollution load management, river quality management, hydropower technology
  • Topic 3: Water and Natural Disasters (SDGs links: 11.5 Reduction of Economic & Human Losses)
    • Climate change assessment and adaptation
    • Drought analysis and management
    • Urban floods and damage reduction
    • Remote sensing and GIS applications to natural hazards
    • Keywords: climate change scenarios and prediction, drought analysis and management, water resources risk scenarios, risk assessment and adaptation, water and disasters, water related composite hazards, coastal disaster and tsunami, urban floods and resilience
  • Topic 4: Smart Water Technologies (SDGs links: 6.5 IWRM)
    • Management of urban, industry, and irrigation water
    • Implementation of integrated water resources management
    • Design and implementation of smart water grid
    • Information and communication technologies for water management
    • Keywords: water and creative economy, smart water management, smart disaster management system, smart agricultural water management, standardized smart water grid technology, water management information systems, RS and GIS applications for securing water resources, best management practices of IWRM, advanced water governance through multi-directional information system.
  • Topic 5: Ecosystem and Water (SDGs links: 6.6 Water & Ecosystems)
    • Science and technology for green infrastructure management
    • Economic valuation on ecosystem and water
    • Effects of ecosystem on water quality
    • Keywords: water and environment, water and green growth, vulnerability analysis for water environments, marine ecology and sea level rise, wetland conservation and restoration, green infrastructure.

Award & Benefit

The total prize amount for the World Water Challenge 2018 is KRW 16,000,000. The Award Ceremony will be held on September 14 at the closing ceremony of KIWW 2018 and the winners will be presented with a cash prize and trophy respectively.

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone (as an individual or on behalf of an organization) who is interested in water or would like to propose creative/applicable solutions is welcome to participate in the program.

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted online via given website.

For more information, please visit World Water Challenge 2018.


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