Apply for The 10×1000 Flex Programme for Fintech Startups

We invite you to encourage other entrepreneurs in your network who are eligible to apply for the 10×1000 Flex Programme to do so. The 10×1000 program, which was started by the International Financial Corporation (IFC) and Alipay in 2018, seeks to train 1,000 people annually for the following ten years. Being a charitable endeavor, it gives participants the chance to advance their fintech expertise without having to pay anything.

Due to your special knowledge of the local Fintech ecosystem, we invite you to suggest any Fintech startups in your network that you believe would profit from this initiative.

What is the Tech 10×1000 for inclussion?

An open and international fintech training platform called 10×1000 Tech for Inclusion empowers students to become the engine behind the development of the digital economy. For the next ten years, it is our goal to develop 1,000 new IT leaders and talent. In 2018, the International Financial Corporation (IFC), a part of the World Bank Group, and Alipay jointly launched the charitable program 10×1000.

What is the 10×1000 Flex learning model?

The tailored programs from 10×1000 are made to provide you the mentality, information, and abilities you need to help drive the expansion of the digital economy. With the Flex model, students can finish the courses totally online and at their own leisure.

Why should your hub’s startups use the platform?

The program offers a thorough curriculum encompassing important subjects like digital inclusion, product thinking, developing a business, and fintech technologies. For anyone hoping to have a significant effect in the fintech sector, these skills are crucial.
Additionally, the 10×1000 Flex learning approach lets participants interact with subject matter experts and other students from around the world while learning at their own speed. Participants as a result develop a solid professional network and get insightful information.

Who ought to apply?

Professionals with at least three years of work experience who are referred by 10×1000 alumni or our worldwide partner network are only eligible for the Fintech Foundation Program Flex.
Please email us at flex@10×1000.org if you are interested in applying but have not been introduced by an alumnus or partner.
10×1000 is a charitable project that is free for students to use.
The 10×1000 crew has sole control over who gets into the program. visit https://www.10×1000.org/recruit/mktn to apply

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