Apply for the Africa No Filter grants for African Storytellers ($5000 grant)

virtual logistics of the Fellowship

From November 30 to December 13, 2023, there will be virtual fellowships.

A media trainer based in Dubai will provide assistance to the virtual fellows. The activities for Virtual Fellowships will be largely done online through Zoom and will include:

regular one-on-one and group discussions about the most recent COP news with trainers.
assistance in accessing COP-related information, including documents and livestreamed events.
official or other expert interviews in groups.
assistance with locating candidates and scheduling interviews.
Support for story development through mentoring and editing.
conceivable chances for networking online.

In addition to awards of up to $5000 for new content creation, networking opportunities, and support for content amplification, content creators will also get. Deliveries of all content must be in either English, Arabic, or French.


Open to those based in Africa and the Diaspora African content creators.
Creators of content must be older than 18 and have experience creating stuff related to the environment.
Producers of podcasts, blogs, vlogs, and social media content about climate action in Africa must have more than two years of experience.
A minimum of 5,000 followers across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are required for content creators.

Creators of content cannot apply on behalf of an organization or through an agent.
Individuals or a maximum of three hosts may create content.
The desire to portray African climate stories that go beyond the normal tropes of poverty, sickness, violence, bad leadership, and corruption must be evident by the content providers.


On the website of Africa No Filter, submit an online application. Include links to your social media pages, blog, vlog, and Tiktok pages as well as a brief description of how your proposal offers a climate story that goes beyond clichés.

Choice Process

Submission screening: We will consider applications continuously. Please be aware that applications that are not full will not be evaluated. For Additional Information Visit the Africa No Filter grants’ official website. Application Deadline: June 29, 2023

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