Ongoing Opportunity: The AWS Startup Loft Accelerator EMEA Program for early-stage cloud-based startups

Early-stage cloud-based firms can participate in the 10-week virtual acceleration program called AWS Startup Loft. By giving them access to AWS tech resources, industry leaders’ validation of their venture, access to investors, and a faster time to market, the program helps startups make the most of AWS. The program’s framework is founded on the four pillars of technology, product, go-to-market, and funding, which are essential to a startup’s early success. The program puts the entrepreneur in the spotlight and enables startups to create a custom program from the AWS Startup Loft Accelerator sessions and content.


The AWS Startup Loft Accelerator program was developed to assist business owners as they launch their startup.
It is intended for entrepreneurs who have started developing a functional prototype or proof of concept.
Participants must be fully dedicated to and focused on developing their startup.
Although all businesses should have plans to run their infrastructure in the cloud, the AWS Startup Loft Accelerator is industry and vertical agnostic.


With the AWS Startup Loft Accelerator, a concept can be ready in just 10 weeks.

The 10-week AWS Startup Loft Accelerator program lets you create your own customized schedule with no required sessions, demo days, or application deadlines.

worldwide network

You gain access to the large AWS network of business pioneers, technologists, serial entrepreneurs, investors, startup companies, consultants, and partners by joining AWS Startup Loft Accelerator.

Technology accelerates

Your technical team will get access to tech tools, advice, and a peer community through the AWS Startup Loft Accelerator. Roundtable discussions about daily CTO problems, such as hiring, supervising an engineering team, creating a minimum viable product, and designing a cloud architecture, range from technical deep dives to these topics.

increased business

With practical workshops and real-world use cases that are all intended to evaluate and improve your Go-To-Market strategy, pitch deck, and storytelling, the AWS Startup Loft Accelerator assists you in becoming funding-ready.

community of alumni

All participants in the program, including former CEOs and CTO founders, are brought together by the AWS Startup Loft Accelerator. Even though you may no longer be actively involved in the program, you may always turn to the alumni for support and learning opportunities.

Credits for AWS Activate worth up to $25k*

The Activate program is open to all participating startups. This provides access to the Activate Console, up to $25K to spend on AWS services, a free one-year AWS Business Support subscription for up to $5K, 80 credits for self-paced labs, and special member-only deals.

Selection Standards
Once the virtual screenings have been completed, all entrepreneurs will be informed through email.

Alumni of the AWS Startup Loft Accelerator will profit from the substantial community of program graduates, where they can exchange information, network, and counsel. Graduates will still be able to view the schedule and take part in sessions. Our staff is still available to help any alumni firm as it expands, linking it to investors and, if appropriate, AWS go-to-market initiatives like APN and the AWS Marketplace.

For Additional Information Visit the Official Webpage of the AWS Startup Loft Accelerator EMEA Program 2023 Application Deadline: Ongoing

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