APPLY for the Boosting Leadership in Psoriatic Disease: IFPA Accelerator 2022

IFPA, the international federation fighting psoriatic disease, is launching a new skill-building program to train advocates and strengthen their cause worldwide. The program, called IFPA Accelerator, is open for registration at ifpaaccelerator.com.

More than 60 million people live with psoriatic disease globally. In many places, this represents 1.5% of the population. Yet psoriatic disease is relatively unknown. The disease causes painful, flaky skin and aching, swollen joints. People who have this lifelong illness face stigma from people who do not realize the disease is not contagious. They experience discrimination at work, lack of access to care, and insufficient knowledge. Their suffering cannot continue. IFPA is building powerful organizations to lead the global fight against psoriatic disease.

Founded in 1971, IFPA is an international non-profit uniting national patient associations to tackle psoriatic disease. Now, IFPA launches a training program to accelerate development of new advocacy organizations and increase capacity in those that already exist. The program is called IFPA Accelerator. Launching in February 2022, IFPA Accelerator will begin a series of online seminars and interactive workshops for associations at every level.

“IFPA is committed to boosting national advocates,” says Alice Titialii, who leads IFPA Accelerator. “The program captures talent already alive in our membership, and uses it to strengthen everyone working for our cause. Even better, we will get to support people starting new patient associations where none exist.”

IFPA Accelerator has a three-level structure to accommodate both new and experienced associations.

  • Level 1: Learn foundational skills to establish a patient association and grow membership.
  • Level 2: Expand the organization’s program through fundraising, strategy, and project management.
  • Level 3: High-functioning organizations reach new audiences, and engage in research and politics.

Successful completion of each level unlocks real-world benefits like seed funding and IFPA Membership. Interested participants are invited to register at ifpaaccelerator.com.

Frida Dunger Johnsson, IFPA’s Executive Director commented, “IFPA envisions a future where all people living with psoriatic disease enjoy good health and wellbeing. When we address policymakers at the WHO, or in national health ministries, we must ensure that we represent everybody with psoriatic disease in every part of the world. IFPA Accelerator takes us one step closer to our goal.”

Are you ready to speak up for psoriatic disease? Join a global movement. Learn more about registration at ifpaaccelerator.com.

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