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AERMP Introduces Risk Management Certification For Undergraduates & Fresh Graduates

In recognition of the global opportunities that RISK MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATIONS offer, the council of the Association of Enterprise Risk Management Professionals AERMP has approved the introduction of Certified Risk Technician, CRT certification, at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

This implies that all undergraduates from various universities, polytechnics, monotechnics, colleges of education, colleges of agriculture and other colleges and schools of similar status as approved by the government, can now take advantage of this unique initiative to enroll and be certified as Risk Technicians (CERTIFIED RISK TECHNICIANS) while still in school. Similarly, the opportunity is open to all graduates (NYSC CORPERS) and fresh graduates already in employment but with less than 2 years experience. 

The whole program including the examinations covers a period ranging from 1 year for graduates and 18 months / 24 months etc for undergraduates, depending on the course of study and level of the student among other factors.

Candidates can Seize the opportunity offered by this unique initiative………it is risky not to do so. Therefore, please click this link to register as a first step in becoming a certified risk technician, CRT.

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