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Apply for the Fate Foundation/Google Business Resilience Program for Women Entrepreneurs

The Business Resilience Programme (BRP) for Women Entrepreneurs has been launched by the FATE Foundation in collaboration with for 2023. This initiative, which is funded by the “SSA Women Entrepreneurship Programme” of, is a component of a continent-wide initiative taking place in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria with the goal of enhancing the digital and financial capability of female nano and microbusiness entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 55.

Beneficiaries of the program will receive the basic financial literacy and business management skills they need, as well as digital literacy training, growth support (such as business registration, network building, and community building), microgrant financing for underserved female-led businesses in Nigeria, and other services.


The following topics will be covered in the curriculum for Nigerian women business owners:

  • Development of a business plan and financial management
  • Funding for Digital Marketing
  • Enterprise Networks
  • Constructing Confidence

The intended recipients

  • female company owners in Nigeria who operate nano and micro enterprises (between 4 and 9 employees).
  • a diploma proving completion of secondary school.
  • English language comprehension and communication skills
  • Having internet access and the ability to utilize a Smartphone are requirements.
  • Women who are the sole providers for their families, widows, and single parents will receive special consideration.


  • 200 participants will receive a microgrant.
    200 participants may register for free to do business.
  • Free use of the Foundation’s Business Plan Developer Tool Certificate of Completion Possibility of being highlighted on the FATE Foundation’s or the partners’ Social Media pages
  • In two phases, the BRP will specifically assist female company owners with nano- and micro-sized enterprises:

Stage I:

  • A four-week, totally online, self-paced curriculum.
  • Use of the tool for developing business plans

Stage 2:

  • Experts in financial and digital literacy for entrepreneurs are in charge of the hybrid program.
  • Support for Business Registration
  • Micro Grant assistance

Phase I requirements and the completion of all Modules are prerequisites for Phase II eligibility.

For Additional Information Visit the Fate Foundation Business Resilience Program’s official website (BRP) Deadline: 21st July 2023

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