Apply for the LSETF X Google Hustle Academy Business Bootcamp for young Entrepreneurs

The LSETF X Google Hustle Academy Business Bootcamp 2023 is now accepting applications. If your company has been in existence for more than a year and employs at least two full-time employees, this is your opportunity to expand your capacity and level up.

Google Hustle Academy is here to help you take your business to the next level. Get free access to live training sessions, one-on-one mentoring, and masterclasses from industry professionals.

This boot camp, offered online by subject matter experts, is intended to assist small businesses in growing through boosting revenue, positioning for investment, and developing a long-term business.

Participate in this bootcamp to:

  • Create successful digital marketing tactics.
  • Create growth strategies for success.
  • Discover new markets – Take advantage of funding opportunities
  • Make a winning pitch and more!
  • Requirements for Eligibility
  • The Google Hustle Academy is now accepting applications from businesses in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.
  • The company has been in existence for over a year;
  • You have at least two full-time employees.


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