Apply for the The British Council’s SoCreative Africa learning programme for aspiring and early-stage young African entrepreneurs

The SoCreative Africa learning program for aspiring and early-stage young African entrepreneurs is centered on entrepreneurship and provides a variety of free online courses to help the next generation of African leaders navigate their business journey.

Participants will get a certificate of completion upon completion of the program. The certificate will entitle you to apply for ongoing support through mentorship, coaching, incubation, and acceleration as part of our larger activity in participating nations.

The program is designed to complement the British Council’s larger Creative Economy strand, which aims to create an ecosystem in which young entrepreneurs may thrive.

Modules of the Program Creative Entrepreneurship
Basic Understanding of the Creative Economy (including which sectors comprise the Creative Economy, as well as the economic, social, and cultural importance of the Creative Industries, using pertinent case studies and data to enhance comprehension).

  • Course 1: Introduction to the African Creative Economy
  • Course 2: Bringing Your Idea to Life
  • Course 3: Finding the Right People Course
  • Course 4: Building Your Company
  • Course 5: Branding and Marketing Your Company

The intermediate course, with the basic course as a suggested prerequisite, will provide more depth to basic courses and contains the following:

  • Your Entrepreneurship Strategy (Course 1)
  • Personal and Business Growth Strategies (Course 2)
  • Course 3: Business Protection
  • Course 4: Creative Business Finance
  • Course 5: Team Building and Leadership
  • Course 6: Raising Capital for My Company
  • Course 7: Promoting and Pitching My Company

Social Good via Creative Entrepreneurship
Give participants an overview of impact entrepreneurship, social innovation, and factors to think about when pivoting businesses to achieve social impact.

Topic 1: ‘Impact Entrepreneurship’ Overview
Topic 2: Introduction to the Impact Economy: How to Balance Profit and Impact
Understanding Social Innovation (including Human Centered Design) is the third topic.
Topic 4: Considerations for turning your business to achieve social impact
Topic 5: 21st Century Impact Entrepreneurship: The Role of Technology
Topic 6. Inclusion, sustainability, and values and ethics are all topics covered in Topic 6.
Topic 7: Impact Enterprise Financing Options and How to Find Them

Policy for the Creative Economy
This intermediate course provides policymakers with vital information on the creative economy.

Topic 1: Introduction to Policy Making Refresher Topic 2: Understanding the Creative Economy
Topic 3: The importance of the creative economy in long-term development
Topic 4: Policy Approaches to the Creative Economy
Topic 5: Considerations for the growth or strengthening of the creative economy

Use the learning platform. For more information, please visit: Visit the Official Webpage of the SoCreative Africa learning programme. Deadline: Ongoing

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