Call for Applications in The 2024 LCCI Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program

The LCCI Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program, a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of the Chamber that began in 2013, aims to boost the personal and professional development of Mentees by connecting them with seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals. These mentors provide valuable insights on personal growth, communication, negotiation, networking, and business plan creation. The program structure facilitates experienced business owners to mentor young and potential entrepreneurs.

LCCI Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program 2024

This initiative has established itself as a prominent business incubator in Nigeria, significantly contributing to youth development and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset.

Since its inception, the program has successfully graduated over 500 Mentees, many of whom have been recognized with awards. You are cordially invited to participate or nominate individuals for the 2024 LCCI Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program. REGISTER HERE

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