Apply for the WIPO Intellectual Property Labs – Incubation and Acceleration Program for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

The IP Labs is a World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) programme that aims to assist Nigerian idea-stage companies in developing their ideas, building them into scalable products, and leveraging IP for wealth. IP Labs will raise IP awareness among Nigerian startups about leveraging IP for business, assist startups in developing minimum viable products (MVPs), developing pitch decks, and securing relevant IP rights for their inventions, and connecting startups with mentors, investors, and other stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem. The Orbra Company is implementing this Pilot, which is scheduled to run from August to December 2023.

Beneficiaries will learn how to leverage intellectual property as a business development and finance strategy through WIPO’s IP Management Clinics. The project will be carried out in two parts.

  • Stage one (1) is a generic mentoring program for early-stage entrepreneurs that focuses on startup creation, design thinking, pitching, and intellectual property.
  • Stage two (2) is for IP Management Clinics (IPMC) and incubation.
  • IP Labs will assist startups in leveraging intellectual property protection to build their businesses, generate jobs, and contribute to Nigeria’s economic progress.


  • The IP Labs Project welcomes any individuals or teams who have unique ideas for technology-driven solutions-products that address real-world concerns in local communities and around the world, such as finance, job development, climate change, agriculture, and so on. To be eligible, these concepts must contain some type of intellectual property.
  • Successful applicants will participate in a general mentoring program focused on startup development, design thinking, pitching, and IP introduction. Following the completion of stage one (1), participants with scalable minimal viable product (MVP) of industrial application and subject matter of IP protection will be selected for stage two of the project – incubation, acceleration, and IP Management Clinics (IPMC).
  • IP Labs is a statewide programme open to early-stage entrepreneurs from across Nigeria.
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What to Expect:

  • Discover the significance of intellectual property in safeguarding ideas and nurturing successful enterprises.
  • To attract investors, create an appealing Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and pitch deck.
  • Connect with investors and mentors for advice and assistance.
  • Celebrate the success stories of startups that have used intellectual property to develop and succeed.


Every inventive firm faces unique business issues that necessitate a customized IP strategy – a plan of action to discover, develop, protect, and use a company’s portfolio of intellectual property assets. When implemented properly, an IP strategy allows organizations to obtain a competitive advantage and increase profitability.

All IP Management Clinics follow the same technique, format, and duration, however some provide varying degrees of specialization in certain areas of IP. Participants benefit from a variety of activities spread out over time, including:

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