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APPLY NOW! Disrupt COVID-19: Digital Hackathon

Together with the UK-South Africa Tech Hub, Startupbootcamp AfriTech is inviting innovators with disruptive solutions to digitise public procurement for a 3 day hackathon. Apply here

APPLY NOW! Disrupt COVID-19: Digital Hackathon

Startupbootcamp is excited to announce that together with the UK-South Africa Tech Hub, a UK government initiative, we will be hosting the Disrupt COVID-19 Digital Hackathon. We are inviting startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators to join us as we develop solutions to further advance economic inclusion and build resilience

We are calling innovators with radical solutions to address key challenges in the informal economy and SMME sector more widely. Through this, startups will be designing new approaches to overhaul state procurement, digitise information systems for ease of access to public information and support, and lastly improve transparency in procurement processes . Apply here

To do this we call for startups and innovators with technologies solving for:

  1. Process automation for large data sets ensuring data validation and authentication in the procurement process
  2. Processing capabilities that ensure integrity and compliance against existing requirements of procurement data
  3. Technology to open up procurement capability by the public sector to allow for rapid onboarding of new suppliers and SMMEs
  4. Technologies for ensuring and checking compliance of SMMEs
  5. Technologies that can reach the informal sector aiding in compliance checking and data access for other government organisations.

We, therefore, invite founders to apply to one of the above challenge areas and present their technologies to combat the impact of COVID-19. We want solutions to ultimately achieve the following:

  1. Include SMMEs in public procurement as part of our response to COVID-19.
  2. Drive transparency and best practice in procurement processes
  3. Build a database of SMMEs nationwide that reflects information comprehensively
  4. Ensure SMME are compliant for public procurement
  5. Novel interventions for supporting SMMEs
  6. Apply here

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