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AppsFlyer Acquires oolo to Transform AI-Driven Decision-Making for Marketing and Monetization Teams

The world leader in marketing measurement, attribution, and data analytics, AppsFlyer, announced today that it has acquired oolo, a top platform for using AI to drive user acquisition and monetization decisions. With the acquisition, oolo will now operate as “oolo by AppsFlyer,” bolstering the company’s offering of goods and services as it presents comprehensive solutions designed to meet the interrelated demands of contemporary marketing, growth, and monetization teams.

The purchase of oolo by AppsFlyer is a continuation of the company’s goal to provide brands with the most complete platform for decision-making in the dynamic digital landscape. The requirement for well-informed decisions made quickly and at scale to acquire, engage, and monetize consumers grows as marketing, growth, and monetization teams take on more tasks and develop new strategies. In response, oolo leverages AI’s full potential to improve growth strategies, including full-funnel acquisition, monetization, and retention. It does this by giving users instant access to actionable insights and timely alerts that enable them to optimize return on ad spend (ROAS), media revenue, and retention in real time. The vital insights and forecasts provided by oolo’s potent AI might otherwise remain buried or need weeks of work by teams of data analysts to uncover without the constant monitoring of whole datasets.

Now a part of AppsFlyer, oolo will also be integrated into the expanding AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud Marketplace, setting the standard for AI solutions that can handle the main problem of signal loss and make use of the data in customers’ Data Clean Rooms to provide extra value through data collaboration while maintaining privacy by design.

Oren Kaniel, CEO and co-founder of AppsFlyer, stated, “Adapting to the ever-changing digital ecosystem requires innovative solutions that can offer privacy-centric, actionable insights for optimal decision-making.” “We will continue to work toward developing a comprehensive platform that meets the evolving needs, responsibilities, and difficulties faced by contemporary marketing teams, and oolo’s distinct technology, people, and experience will be crucial to this effort. Combining AppsFlyer’s industry-leading measurement platform with oolo’s cutting-edge technology gives marketers new ways to fully utilize AI’s potential to maximize their growth and monetization plans. We think that intelligent AI, as opposed to the static tools that are widely used now, holds the key to making data-driven decisions in the future. With oolo’s state-of-the-art AI technology, we can better satisfy our clients’ growing needs

The strategic move made by AppsFlyer to acquire oolo is in line with the growing integration of AI technologies in a variety of global markets, especially in areas like Africa where AI adoption is picking up speed. A recent Policy Center analysis claims that AI technology is expanding throughout Africa, with over 2,400 companies specializing in the field—41 percent of them are startups—and projects that by 2030, the technology may add $1.2 billion to the continent’s GDP. Due to the swift digital revolution taking place on the African continent, companies are looking for cutting-edge AI-driven solutions to improve decision-making and spur expansion.

The application of AI in Africa’s corporate environment offers AppsFlyer a plethora of potential. AppsFlyer seeks to help businesses throughout Africa navigate the challenges of marketing, growth, and monetization strategies by utilizing oolo’s powerful AI-powered capabilities. By utilizing AI, AppsFlyer is able to provide customized solutions that cater to the particular opportunities and problems faced by the African market, enabling companies to maximize ROI, make data-driven decisions, and realize their full potential for success.

We are excited to announce that oolo has been strategically acquired, providing the African continent with state-of-the-art AI technologies. With one of the fastest rates of growth in the global app market, Africa offers enormous potential for both developers and marketers. This change has the potential to completely transform operations by giving marketers the ability to effectively manage their time and focus on previously difficult activities. It has an effect that goes beyond improving operations; it promotes growth and innovation. Michael Zaitsev, Managing Director for Africa & CIS at AppsFlyer, states, “With a significant increase in ROI expected, we are committed to driving positive change and economic growth in the region through the deployment of advanced AI solutions.”

With the support of oolo’s continuously updated alert system, growth marketers can easily spot anomalies, spot potential possibilities for growth, and prevent and address inefficiencies, all of which help address the day-to-day optimization difficulties they encounter. In order to give marketing, growth, and monetization teams a competitive edge and enable them to accomplish better results with less effort, oolo uses data from marketing campaigns to train itself to understand what’s normal and what isn’t. This allows oolo to surface and prioritize the most urgent, significant, and granular insights.

With the acquisition of devtodev, a full-cycle data analytics solution for game and app developers, earlier this year, AppsFlyer acquired its second firm, oolo. As part of AppsFlyer’s recently launched Privacy Cloud Marketplace, oolo and devtodev will be among the initial applications. This will allow all data, analytics, and AI providers to construct their products using AppsFlyer’s APIs and seamlessly integrate their services without transferring or disclosing user data to third parties.

“At oolo, we’re in an exciting phase right now,” stated Yuval Brener, the company’s CEO. “This acquisition is poised to create a significant impact in the data analytics field as we collaborate with AppsFlyer to offer cutting-edge data monitoring solutions to global brands.” With AppsFlyer’s extensive customer base, track record of success, and privacy-preserving architecture, our clients stand to gain from an unprecedented integrated approach to growth decision-making. Both current AppsFlyer customers and those purchasing it independently will be able to access oolo by AppsFlyer.

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