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Atigs Group partners with Quanfarm for expansion in Africa

Africa business development company, Atigs Group has partnered with Quanfarm, a Silicon-Valley based Predictive Analytics, Automation, and AI firm, with expansion plans in Africa.

With over 250 customers, QuantFarm delivers competitive advantage with its expertise in Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI, using proven data analytics platforms like Datameer and DataRobot which mitigate the risks & accelerates time to value. QuantFarm expansion plans in Africa will focus on working with businesses and governments in Africa that are interested in leveraging their data for better decision making, more accurate Predictive Analytics and accelerating their digital transformation.

“As digital transformation is sweeping the globe, companies are trying to gain a competitive edge by leveraging Machine Learning, RPA and AI and QuantFarm have the right expertise for African businesses to succeed in a disruptive environment. With its deep roots in Silicon Valley, along with a delivery center in India, QuantFarm brings State-of-the-Art technology solutions in a cost-effective package.

Committed to helping African enterprise gain a competitive edge, QuantFarm looks forward to working with companies in Banking, Insurance, Utility, Transportation, Hospitality, Health Care, Commodity, High Tech, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, among others,” said Sushiljha, Chief Executive Officer of Quanfarm.

Under this partnership, Atgis Group will represent QuantFarm Africa and develop the African Market for QuantFarm’s consulting services on Analytics, Machine Learning, AI & Software Development/Support. To date, Atigs Group has facilitated over $365 million in trade and investment as part of its specific programs, helped large-scale projects get off the ground, and supported businesses from U.S, China, India, Turkey, UAE, Germany, among others expand their footprint in African markets.

“Driven by our desire to contribute to the development of Africa, we are looking forward to leveraging our expertise to help QuantFarm achieve their expansion goals in Africa as we are confident the company has the required expertise, along with best of breed platforms and technologies” said, Bako Ambianda, Chairman and CEO of Atigs Group Inc.

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