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Bboxx unveils four new solar home systems to provide equitable access to electricity in Africa

Bboxx has announced the release of a new line of four Solar Home Systems intended to take use of recent technological advancements to provide equitable access to electricity in Africa.

The new GPS and IoT-enabled range is made to advance Bboxx’s goal of offering cutting-edge energy solutions to underprivileged communities throughout the world, which is to alter lives and unleash potential.

In 10 African markets, including Nigeria, Togo, and Rwanda, Bboxx already makes a positive difference in the lives of 3.5 million people by supplying clean energy to 10% of households.

The new Solar Home Systems from Bboxx were created for homes and small companies who need a dependable solution for a range of energy requirements. Bboxx’s new bPower80-240 range can support a wider range of energy requirements than ever before, from providing enough power to support life-changing lights, cooling appliances, large televisions, and radios for communities in Africa to assisting small businesses in urban areas with weak grids. This advances Bboxx’s goal of ending global energy poverty by extending access to affordable energy to the 750 million people living without1 and the additional 840 million with a weak grid.

The four new modular systems include state-of-the-art lithium batteries and enhanced tamper prevention, and they offer a better customer experience thanks to an interactive screen that lets consumers check their remaining credit. The company’s completely integrated operating system, Bboxx Pulse®, which powers the data-driven super platform and enables flexible payment plans that adjust to clients’ finances, is connected to the models. To give customers a better experience, Bboxx Pulse processes billions of data points from these devices every day.

Our mission at Bboxx goes beyond providing cutting-edge energy products; we are fundamentally committed to ending global energy poverty,” said Mansoor Hamayun, the company’s chief executive officer. With the increased functionality and affordability of our new product line, we are able to expand our market and assist more families and small enterprises.

We are aware that energy has the capacity to impact lives and economies in addition to simply powering gadgets. We actively contribute to the global effort to empower long-underserved communities by offering these solutions.

Every product we release embodies our desire to achieve universal energy access, and with each new offering, we move closer to ensuring that everyone has access to clean, dependable energy. In the years to come, the premium product line we’re introducing today will significantly improve the lives of many more people.

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