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What happens when BNI members pull together to invest in their community’s children? More than you can imagine, especially under the scope of BNI’s Business Voices.
The  igeria has created an initiative called Business Voices as part of our “cause marketing” campaign.  We believe that businesses can have a voice in what happens in local communities.  Business Voices is a program that helps support local community programs related to children and education.  You can find out more about the Business Voices campaign by viewing this video.

BNI Texas has actively engaged in the Business Voices movement.  Chapters in the region recently worked to assist Oak Creek Academy, a program for children with Autism and Asperger’s, with a move to a larger school that had extra space including classrooms with large windows. The students were especially excited about the windows!

Local BNI chapter members in Killeen, Texas, scheduled a work day to help move everything from desks and chairs to classroom supplies. Members also repainted classrooms and hallways to give the school a fresh look. And for those windows everyone was excited about? Window Genie volunteered to clean all the windows to ensure everything was clear and safe.

Once the building was ready, the next phase of the project involved building a stronger library. Initially, Oak Creek Academy housed between 50-100 books–not nearly enough for a growing number of students. Seeing the need, BNI Area Director Becky Isbell, who oversees ten chapters (and over 200 members), held a book drive.

The drive was expected to bring in 200 books– which meant on average each member would give one book. Any amount of books would have benefitted the students. But guess how many books were actually collected?

The answer is a testament to the power of networks coming together for the community. BNI collected a whopping 1500 books, completely filling two vehicles that transported them to the school.

In one swoop Oak Creek Academy went from having a modest collection to an array of literature, from fiction to non-fiction.

This is one of many examples of how BNI members and chapters are participating in our Business Voices movement and having a positive impact on children and education right in their own communities. You can read about more projects here on SuccessNet, or at

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