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Meet Tobi Sanni-Daniel – the Entertainment Executive of the year

Award winning Tobi Sanni-Daniel, is the entertainment generalissimo who won the Entertainment Executive of the year category, at the 2015, Nigerian Entertainment Awards.

Over the years, his innovative role in the development of talents has earned him the position of a first-class event manager who is very instrumental in the promotion of premium showbiz stars like Ice Prince, DJ Caise, DJ Spinal, Elderson Echiejile among several others.

Remembering his growth in the industry Sanni-Daniel who studied Business Administration and Management at the University of Ilorin said he had a rich working experience in the banking sector.

He said: “I have worked with Triumph Bank, I later moved to Liberty Bank, where I acted as the head of treasury operations, and later served as the Operation Head, at the Corporate Head Office in the same bank.

Subsequently, I joined Equitorial Trust Bank and Bank PHB, where I acted as Brand Head in both banks. I eventually left the banking sector for entertainment in 2010.”

Having gathered all the required knowledge in management studies and building for himself an enviable corporate experience Sann-Daniel hits Nigeria’s entertainment scene and started making his marks.

It will be very significant to highlight here that this Lagos born entertainment maverick played a key role in the thrilling Ambode’s ‘I believe’ campaign where celebrity endorsements from top Nigerian superstars not only activated the Ambode’s brand, but also contributed immensely to his victory.

Surprisingly, the talented talent manager could hardly be seen giving self appraisal over his seeming achievements in the Nigeria’s entertainment sphere and this contributes to reasons his name may sound unfamiliar to some people in the public but remains highly celebrated among stakeholders in the industry.

“My intention is not to be famous but to have the right mechanism in place to further enhance the visibility of already visible brands. We project our clients by ensuring for them consistent relevance, building them a formidable brand equity, portfolio management, risk and credit management and new market strategies. My clients are naturally meant to be bigger than me. They are the celebrities and not me.” He noted

He added that his company State of Mind Entertainment (SOME) is one that attempts to manage brands with a minimum of 70% Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) amongst industry colleagues.

Speaking on his award as the NEA’s, Entertainment Executive of the year , he humbly recognized other top executives nominated in his category saying the event pulled the game changers in the entertainment industry. “Those in my category (Ossy, Emperor Gizzy, Mr. Dilly, JP-One Nation, Howie-T),are some of the finest hands in the industry, their contributions speak volume and I have nothing but sheer respect for these champions.”

The excited celebrity manager said the gesture will serve as a huge motivation which will spur him to greater achievements.

On the standard of Nigerian entertainment when compared to the global market, he believes Nigeria is full of opportunities emphasizing that talents that abound in the country is humongous.

“In Nigeria, entertainment is very lucrative if the potentials are properly and meticulously harnessed. Corporate and multi nationals are beginning to show keen interest in this industry and that is why the growth here is steady when compared to other African countries. For me, entertainment business can only be Nigeria and nowhere else. I want to believe I know the threats and I have been able to turn them into opportunities

The last clue to the puzzle is government agencies promulgating legislations to assist with aids, grants, credit provisions, creative protections, copyrights and royalty payments and we might just be on our way to conquer the world.”

What does it require to be s good entertainment executive? “ It takes a lot. But subjectively, I will least the few in no importance order; Awareness, exposure, constructive, intelligence, analytical, focus, integrity, firmness, discipline, administrative, network, net-worth, team building, leadership.” Sanni-Daniel hinted.

The skilled celebrity manager, said his philosophy of life is: ‘ If you want to go fast, go alone, If you want to go far, go with someone.”

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