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Benue State Government partners Shanghai Haitian hospital and Sinoki System Ltd

The Benue State government has recently signed two significant agreements to enhance various sectors in the state. The first agreement is with the Shanghai Haitian Hospital, aiming to promote academic and clinical collaboration between the Benue State University Teaching Hospital (BSUTH) and the Shanghai Haitian Hospital. This partnership will facilitate joint studies, training programs, and other educational exchanges of mutual interest.

Additionally, the government has entered into a partnership with Sinoki System Limited to establish a Hybrid Solar Panel Factory in Benue State. This initiative will contribute to the development of renewable energy sources and promote sustainable practices in the state.

During the signing ceremony held at the Benue State Government House in Makurdi, Governor Hyacinth Alia expressed his enthusiasm and optimism regarding these partnerships. He believes that these collaborations will attract more investments to the state and is eager to welcome additional investors.

Governor Alia emphasized the significance of the partnership with the Shanghai Haitian Hospital, stating that it will play a crucial role in improving the overall health sector in the state. By enhancing healthcare facilities locally, the government aims to discourage citizens from seeking medical treatment abroad, thus retaining financial resources within the state.

The governor also highlighted the potential benefits for the BSUTH, which will gain valuable insights and expertise through this collaboration. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of strengthening the healthcare system at all levels, from primary to tertiary institutions, to ensure significant improvements in healthcare services.

Overall, these partnerships signify the government’s commitment to enhancing various sectors in Benue State and fostering sustainable development.

The governor expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with Sinoki System Company to establish a Hybrid Solar Panel Factory, emphasizing the importance of stable electricity for businesses to flourish. He highlighted the positive impact this collaboration will have on the state, creating more investment opportunities. The governor reiterated the state’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for businesses to thrive and encouraged more investors to explore the untapped potential in Benue State. Additionally, the Special Adviser on International Investment introduced the investors who are keen on partnering with the state government in the health and energy sectors for the state’s benefit.

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