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BNI Foundation Launches Heaters & Hope Initiative To Support Children In Need In Ukraine

The BNI Foundation has launched a humanitarian effort called Heaters & Hope Initiative to support Children in need in war torn Ukraine.

The Heaters & Hope Initiative will provide safe and reliable portable propane heaters to families with children in Ukraine who have been affected by power outages brought on by the ongoing violence in that nation. Given the country’s normally hard winter, the Initiative is moving rapidly.

The biggest and fastest-moving business referral network in the world, BNI® (Business Network International), is essential to the success of this initiative. To assist with finance, procurement, and delivery of the equipment to impacted areas, BNI is making use of its extensive network of Member-businesses.

BNI stays out of politics, world politics, and religion. BNI does, however, fund international humanitarian initiatives that put a particular emphasis on children and education in collaboration with the BNI Foundation. With the aim of supporting their safety and education, the Heaters & Hope Initiative will offer prompt assistance to children affected by power outages brought on by the current crisis in Ukraine.

The Heaters & Hope Initiative was started following a recent trip to Poland by Graham Weihmiller, the CEO and chairman of BNI, where he had the chance to meet with mayors from all over Ukraine and a number of governmental and non-governmental organizations providing humanitarian aid related to the conflict. The Heaters & Hope Initiative was started after more investigation and analysis by other members of the BNI Foundation discovered a way to deliver timely, targeted assistance. The delivery of the necessary heating equipment is anticipated to take place in January given the urgency of the situation.

Both BNI and the BNI Foundation have made major contributions over the past ten years to help children and education in a range of contexts all over the world. The gifts received for The Heaters & Hope Initiative are much appreciated. The BNI Foundation may be able to use this initiative as a kind of model in the future to assist kids in other crisis areas, according to Weihmiller.

The Givers Gain® basic idea of BNI, which promotes service to other Members and to communities throughout the world, is the foundation upon which the organization’s global network of entrepreneurs and business leaders operates. With the help of this concept, Member-businesses can generate a sizable amount of income and support key neighborhood initiatives like The BNI Foundation’s Heaters & Hope Initiative.

The BNI Foundation is a nonprofit organization called the BNI Foundation is committed to expanding children’s access to education globally. The goal of the BNI Foundation is to spearhead a global movement of businesses who donate money and their time to initiatives that help kids get ready for a bright future. The BNI Foundation, which collaborates with BNI (Business Network International) on a number of projects, takes its name from the company that sponsors it. Visit to learn more about the BNI Foundation.

The biggest and most prosperous business networking group in the world is called BNI (Business Network International). BNI has over 295,000+ Member-businesses who take part in almost 10,800+ BNI Chapters across the world that meet weekly in person, online, or in a hybrid manner. BNI has generated more than $146,000,000,000 in income for its members since 1985 by generating more than 143 million worthwhile new client recommendations.

Visit to find out more about BNI and how to locate a chapter. Givers Gain® is the cornerstone of the BNI ideology, and the organization’s tagline is Changing the Way the World Does Business®. Please contact the support staff at (+234)07026259590, +234-7034554494 or [email protected] to arrange a connection.

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