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Daughters for Earth funds 26 women powered projects in 17 Countries to protect and restore the Earth

Today, Daughters for Earth announced awards to 26 women-led projects in 17 countries working to preserve and revitalize the planet in 17 different nations. These awards, which total $600,000, are a part of an effort to get vital supplies into the hands of the women leading climate change initiatives. Daughters mobilizes and connects women worldwide to solve the climate catastrophe and heal our planet. Daughters was co-founded by women leaders in the women’s rights, environmental, and philanthropy sectors.

A global coalition of young women climate activists working with Global Choices to protect the Central Arctic Ocean, an effort to restore 60 hectares of baobab forests in Madagascar by Groupe des Spécialistes et des Passionnés de Baobabs de Madagascar, and others are just a few of the new projects supported by the organization. This most recent round’s grantees are even more geographically diversified than the portfolio from the previous round, ensuring that resources are getting to the women who are actually defending our planet. Daughters has given over $1.2 million to projects run by women overall.

According to Zainab Salbi, co-founder of Daughters for Earth and founder of Women for Women International, “These 26 women-led and -operated efforts are working on the frontlines of the climate crisis, deploying tried-and-true solutions and pioneering deeply collaborative efforts to protect and restore the Earth.” “These programs are creating a community of women who are essential to resolving the climate catastrophe and mending our one and only home, led by intelligent, strong women.

Now that the COP 27 and Convention on Biological Diversity have ended, critical discussions about the future of our planet and the ways to protect it are becoming more prominent. In order to address the climate and biodiversity challenges, nearly 70% of scientists from around the world came to the conclusion that saving and conserving 50% of Earth’s lands and seas is essential. Daughters for Earth has entered those discussions with a strong belief in human-led, science-based, and woman-powered solutions that can be implemented right away.

Daughters for Earth supports women-led or operated projects in three key areas: nature conservation, the restoration of our lands and seas, and regenerative agriculture. Daughters for Earth works closely with the 50+ members of the Daughters for Earth Advisory Circle and One Earth to identify and select grantees. Daughters for Earth increased their geographic diversity and includes initiatives to safeguard and restore our seas, coastal areas, and freshwater ecosystems through this round of grantmaking.

The funded projects by Daughters for Earth are in the following 17 countries: USA, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Mozambique, Kenya, Somalia, Ecuador, India, Madagascar, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Senegal, Canada, and Indonesia.  Below are the names of the 26 Women Led Organizations funded:

  • Academy for Global Citizenship
  • Agroecology Fund in Partnership with Amrita Bhoomi
  • Agroecology Fund in Partnership with Peace Building Center
  • Amazon Watch in Partnership with Mujeres Amazónicas
  • Around the World in 80 Fabrics
  • Cheetah Conservation Fund
  • Coordinadora Nacional para la Defensa del Ecosistema Manglar (C-CONDEM)
  • Detroit Dirt Foundation
  • Ewaso Lions
  • Filha do Sol
  • Fundación Malpelo y Otros Ecosistemas Marinos
  • Global Choices
  • Groundswell International, Inc. in Partnership with Earth4Ever
  • Hearts in the Ice
  • Love The Oceans
  • Malagasy Baobab passionate and expert group- GSPBM (Groupe des Spécialistes et des Passionnés de Baobabs de Madagascar)
  • Misión Tiburón
  • National Marine Life Center
  • Project Coyote
  • Rare
  • Regenerosity
  • Ríos to Rivers
  • The Sonoran Institute
  • Women for Conservation
  • Women’s Earth Alliance
  • Yayasan Teman Laut Indonesia (Thresher Shark Indonesia)

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