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BNI Members Achieve Highest Referral Ever in August with $1.89b in Closed Business

Great news from the world’s largest and most successful business referral and networking organization, BNI! With more than 14.6 million referrals, BNI Members produced an amazing $22.2 billion USD in business over the course of the past year, from September 2022 to August 2023. In the 38-year history of BNI, this is the most referrals ever tallied!

Through more than 1.3 million recommendations, BNI Members generated more than $1.89 billion USD in business in just the month of August 2023 alone. Established in 1985, BNI currently operates in 80 countries with over 312,000 members in 11,088 chapters.

TYFCB achieved by BNI members in August 2023
TYFCB achieved by BNI members in August 2023

The goal of BNI is to assist its members in growing their businesses by providing them with a professional, disciplined, and upbeat referral program that enables them to forge lasting connections with other high-caliber businesspeople.

The regional, national, and international BNI staff actively supports its members by giving them the technology, structure, and training they require to expand their businesses and achieve their objectives.

Commenting on this achievement, the National Director for Nigeria, Mr. Chimaobi James Agwu, said that “BNI is much more than a business network. It is a business enabler and accelerator, helping businesses and entrepreneurs accelerate client acquisition and revenue growth.”.

A BNI member from the USA, Justin Waggoner, said, “BNI was the first networking group I joined when starting my business. I could tell right away that the group had great camaraderie and strong relationships. I received multiple referrals within my first few weeks. One of them turned into our first official online review, which was fantastic. My BNI relationships continue to evolve, and I am very happy with the group I belong to”.

Dr. Ashim Choudhury from India shared his BNI experience: “My business is completely referral-driven, and BNI has been the right fit for me. Getting a connection in the blink of an eye, getting to know a large group of entrepreneurs overnight, achieving a wholesome sales force, and getting your asks converted at ease is what I love, or in fact, boast about being a BNI member. The Core Values, the discipline, the leadership skills, and most importantly, the self-grooming at BNI are amazing and the perfect recipe for any entrepreneur/professional. I highly recommend BNI to every person who is looking to multiply business and aiming to turn contacts into contracts.”

And from Australia, Christy Standen highlighted the value that BNI has created for her business, stating that “BNI has helped professionally as I can now feel more confidence in talking to people I don’t know. It has given me more confidence when talking to people in groups and with new people I haven’t met before. 90% of my business comes from BNI. I would recommend BNI to friends who want to grow their businesses and need support.

Another BNI member from the USA, Mr. Paul Richardson, related that “We have seen double-digit growth every year and, despite the pandemic, have grown four-fold since I joined BNI back in 2018. Joining BNI Crossroads has been transformational for our business (photography, videography, and marketing services), leading to immense growth in both sales and new clients. On top of that, the networking and business connections my chapter offers are amazing, and the group is very friendly and inviting”.

“I have been in business for 30 years, and about 7-8 years ago we had to make a hard pivot—away from a business built on direct mail and online advertising to one that required building a local network of referral partners. BNI quite literally made this pivot possible and profitable. We have seen double-digit growth every year and, despite the pandemic, have grown four-fold since I joined back in 2018. A video I did won BNI’s international video contest about thanking another member, which was a great honor, but more importantly, got some good leads and attention for that partner!”, he concluded

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