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#BusinessNews: World Trade Centers Association Launches “Trade Wins” Podcast Series

First Two Episodes Feature Dr. Peter Rajsingh, Educator and Asset Manager; and Belgium’s Ambassador to Luxembourg, Thomas Lambert

NEW YORK, May 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) — an international trade organization connecting more than 300 World Trade Centers (WTCs) in nearly 100 countries — today announced the launch of its new global WTCA “Trade Wins” Podcast. The podcast will offer intriguing conversation and insights on upcoming trends in the global trade sector from leading experts to help businesses around the world navigate today’s changing environment.

“For each episode, we will convene engaging conversations that will not only educate, but inspire our global community of WTCs and constituents active across all industries and sectors,” stated Robin van Puyenbroeck, WTCA Executive Director-Business Development and host of the podcast. “We will speak with leaders from business, government, academia, media and international organizations, as well as our very own WTCA members from around the world. And together, we will discuss and dissect the most pertinent news, trends and strategies that are having the greatest impact on our future.”

Available today are the trailer titled “Welcome to Trade Wins by the WTCA,” and the first two episodes of the podcast:

  • Global Trade at a Turning Point with Dr. Peter Rajsingh” features the educator and asset manager discussing how the world is experiencing a transformation towards digital globalization, and how key fundamentals of trade such as notions of competitive advantage, freedom, and mitigating surpluses and deficits are put under pressure.
  • Making Impact with Real Life Diplomacy with Ambassador Thomas Lambert” features the Belgian ambassador to Luxembourg’s informed take on conducting international diplomacy during COVID-19; international trade, economic policy, and multilateralism; and his work while serving as ambassador in the United States.

“The WTCA ‘Trade Wins’ Podcast is a thought-provoking platform for critical conversations about the global trade infrastructure,” continued van Puyenbroeck. “From our recent General Assembly, we learned that global trade infrastructure reform is much needed, and that companies should have a voice and be part of this conversation to develop more inclusive global trade to shape a better future.”

As part of the podcast’s launch, the association is hosting a book giveaway. The first 250 people to subscribe and send an email to [email protected] will receive a free e-book copy of Enough About Me” by Richard Lui,filmmaker, author and anchoratNBC/MSNBC, who recently addressed the 2021 WTCA General Assembly on the topic of “Selflessness, Community and Building a Stronger Business.”

The podcast will continue many of the captivating virtual conversations that were presented during the 2021 WTCA General Assembly and Business Week from April 26-30, which gathered more than 1,000 participants including representatives from 169 World Trade Centers (WTCs) and more than 570 B2B Delegates across 70 countries.

New episodes of “Trade Winds” will be released every week, and will be available on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify.

For more information about the WTCA “Trade Wins” Podcast, please visit

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