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Kaspersky sets record as the most honored cybersecurity company

In 2023, Kaspersky’s products ( maintained their dominant position in the TOP3 metric ( Throughout the year, Kaspersky actively participated in 100 independent tests and reviews, earning an impressive 93 first-place rankings and 94 TOP3 finishes. This outstanding performance marked the highest achievement in the company’s history.

The TOP3 metric serves as a reliable measure of a vendor’s success in independent comparative tests conducted within a calendar year. It allows for a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s technological expertise, as well as the quality and effectiveness of its implemented technologies and solutions. By aggregating results from esteemed testing laboratories like AV-Comparatives, AV-TEST, SE Labs, and others, this approach goes beyond individual test outcomes, enabling a thorough assessment of a company’s true capabilities, continuous improvement, and innovation.

In terms of consumer solutions, Kaspersky’s notable accomplishment includes winning the prestigious “Product of the Year” award ( from the independent testing institute AV-Comparatives. This accolade solidifies Kaspersky’s position as the most esteemed cybersecurity company in the industry. Kaspersky Standard, the flagship plan of the new Kaspersky Consumer Portfolio, received the highest Advanced+ award in all seven tests, showcasing its exceptional combination of protection, performance, and resistance to false positives.

Furthermore, Kaspersky Plus for Windows achieved remarkable success in SE Labs’ Endpoint Security: Home 2023 (, attaining a perfect Total Accuracy Rating of 100 percent (TOP1) across all four tests conducted throughout the year. Additionally, Kaspersky Safe Kids obtained AV-Comparatives’ Parental Control Certification ( for effectively blocking at least 98 percent of pornographic websites without any False Positives on child-friendly websites. Notably, there were no significant unresolved bugs, further highlighting the reliability and efficiency of Kaspersky’s solutions.

Kaspersky’s solutions have been recognized with several prestigious awards from AV-TEST. One notable achievement is Kaspersky Plus for Mac being named the “Best MacOS Security 2023 for Consumer Users” for the first time, with outstanding results in Mac security testing conducted over the course of a year ( Additionally, Kaspersky Standard, Kaspersky Endpoint Security, and Kaspersky Small Office Security have received the “Advanced Threat Protection 2023” award ( for their exceptional defense against APT attacks involving ransomware and data stealers. These solutions have also been honored with the “Best Usability 2023” award ( for their low false positive rates throughout the entire testing period.

Furthermore, Kaspersky Standard, Kaspersky Endpoint Security, and Kaspersky Small Office Security have achieved the highest score of 6 points in all categories, including protection, performance, and usability. Based on these impressive results, they have been awarded the “TOP PRODUCT” accolade for both home ( and business ( users in the AV-TEST evaluation of Windows antivirus software. The testing process involves rigorous defense scenarios against real-world and common threats, performance measurements, and assessments for false positives.

In terms of corporate solutions, Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Expert (KEDRE) has excelled in AV-Comparatives’ Endpoint Prevention & Response (EPR) test (, achieving a perfect 100 percent Active Response cumulative score and earning the prestigious title of “Strategic Leader.” Additionally, this solution has been granted the AV-TEST Approved Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response Certification ( for its comprehensive coverage and valuable analytics.

The study conducted involved a series of red-team attacks that replicated the tactics used by Hafnium’s and Lazarus. Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Expert demonstrated complete coverage in Scenario 1 and successfully detected 29 out of 30 techniques in Scenario 2. Additionally, the solution was recognized by SE Labs in the Enterprise Advanced Security (EDR) test, achieving an absolute Total Accuracy Rating and receiving the highest AAA rating for detecting all 16 targeted attacks without any false positives.

Moreover, both Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business and Kaspersky Small Office have received AAA ratings in all four of SE Labs’ Enterprise Endpoint Protection 2023 comparative tests. These products also secured the TOP1 position in 3 out of 4 tests for the Total Accuracy Rating parameter. Another notable achievement is the Anti-Tampering assessment conducted by AV-Comparatives, which confirmed that Kaspersky Endpoint Security possesses the highest resistance to tampering attacks. This capability ensures the security of a user’s system and data without any delays.

“Participating in a wide range of tests throughout the year not only demonstrates our commitment to excellence but also reinforces our confidence in meeting the modern requirements of users and businesses. By consistently receiving top ratings and awards from various independent assessments, we reaffirm our dedication to providing comprehensive protection. This unwavering focus ensures that we not only meet but exceed the expectations for cybersecurity in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape,” commented Alexander Liskin, Head of Threat Research at Kaspersky.

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