Call for Applications: World Water Challenge 2023 international contest for water solutions.

The World Water Challenge is a global competition for water solutions. It has been organized annually in connection with the Korea International Water Week (KIWW) as a follow-up activity to the 7th World Water Forum in 2015, with the goal of identifying pressing water challenges that the world is facing and finding feasible solutions to them.

World Water Challenge 2023 is one of KIWW 2023’s trademark programs. This ninth edition of the World Water Challenge is expected to serve as an important platform for sharing not only innovative scientific/technological methods, but also policy toward solving the defined water challenges around the world, as well as forging a broad network among experts and stakeholders in the water sector, as well as the diverse field of solution providers.


  • Anyone interested in water (as an individual or on behalf of an organization) is welcome to participate in the program.
  • KIWW 2023 will host the WWCH 2023 Final Round. The final contestants will be given more specific information.
    Winners will receive the opportunity to discuss their solutions with professionals from around the world at the WWCH exhibition during the KIWW 2024 and/or the 10th World Water Forum.
  • The awards’ titles and prize money amounts are subject to change.
    If there are no qualified answers for the “THE BEST” prize based on the evaluation committee’s decision, the year and/or kind of award and prize money may change.


  • Solution suppliers are respectfully asked to submit their solutions via the web-based submission mechanism (available on the KIWW website).
  • Submission of solutions is only possible after online registration for the KIWW website.
  • The deadline for submitting solutions is August 27th, 2023 (KST).
  • Please ensure that all solutions are completed in English using the Solution submission template given. As a separate file, submit a graphical abstract graphically summarizing your solution (e.g., schematic diagram, picture, animation, etc.).
  • For More Information:
  • Visit the Official Webpage of the World Water Challenge 2023 internati nal contest Deadline: August 27th, 2023 (KST).

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