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CcHUB to launch $15 million accelerator program for ed-tech startups in Nigeria and Kenya

The largest innovation and incubation hub in Africa, Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB), has announced the introduction of an accelerator program for ed-tech businesses that will cost $15 million.

Over the next three years, 72 entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Kenya are expected to benefit from the initiative known as The EdTech Fellowship Program.

The accelerator program will assist founders who are presenting tech solutions that address learning innovation in the education sector as well as support and broaden the effect of ed-tech firms across Africa. According to reports, ed-tech is the seventh most invested in sector, and this investment will offer this sector’s innovators and producers a much-needed boost.

The co-founder and CEO of CcHUB, Bosun Tijani, said that they would also seek to connect different participants in the education industry.

We believe that we can start to understand how to utilize technology to promote learning in schools if we invest purposefully in a very structured ecosystem of educators, foundations, investors, and even, in some circumstances, children and their parents.

According to CcHUB, its goal is to aid entrepreneurs that promote educational results.

To do this, the incubator will collaborate with internal research groups that have been entrusted with working with entrepreneurs to test products, launch them, and assist them in scaling up.

We will see the market entry of 72 ed-tech startups during the next three years. Since you can be very certain that half of them—or 20–30%—would survive for an additional three–four years, we think this will jump-start the ecosystem and restart it. And it will enable us to determine whether technology can actually benefit education in Africa, according to Tijani.

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