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Chil Femtech Center launches Africa’s first e-hygiene shop

An E-cleanliness Shop has been introduced by Chil Femtech Center, a first-of-its-kind online platform designed to drastically raise the cleanliness standards in partner healthcare facilities throughout Africa.

This initiative was inspired by alarming data from the World Health Organization (WHO), which showed that 50% of healthcare facilities worldwide lack basic hygienic supplies like water, soap, or alcohol-based hand rubs at key care points and toilets, putting 3.85 billion people at increased risk for infection.

By providing a variety of hygiene items from internationally renowned manufacturers like Reckitt that have been medically validated, The E-Hygiene Shop, built on an E-pharmacy model, is poised to solve this significant concern.

With hopes to soon expand the service to other healthcare facilities, the platform is initially launched for Chil’s partner rural clinics and school sickbays.

The co-founder and CEO of Chil Femtech Center, Dr. Shamim Nabuuma, stressed the importance of this project by saying, “It is unacceptable for a patient to attend a medical center for treatment only to get another illness owing to lax hygiene standards. To ensure that patients receive care in germ-free environments, which is essential for their full recovery, our E-Hygiene Shop is a brave move.

The program also includes a flexible “Buy Now, Pay Later” plan that enables healthcare organizations to quickly raise their hygiene standards without worrying about money.

This action is consistent with Chil Femtech Center’s unwavering dedication to providing partner healthcare facilities with the necessary tools and equipment to meet the requirements of top-tier healthcare facilities headquartered in urban areas.

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