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CIBN sets up communities of practice for its members; enhancing capacity development and networking

The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) has set up six different communities of practice for its members. According to the institute, “the CIBN Community of Practice (CoP) has become operational for your capacity development, talent management and networking”.

“The CoP is a forum for willing banking & finance professionals (retired and in practice) with a common sense of purpose and desirous of sharing knowledge and experiences through innovation in their chosen area(s) of practice”, the Institute said.

The Governing Council of the Institute approved the following six CIBN communities of practice, from which members of the Institute may choose to join not more than two (2):

  •                  i.   Enterprise Risk Management
  •                 ii.   Ethics, Governance & Compliance 
  •               iii.   Finance and Financial Market Development 
  •               iv.   Fintech (Process, Technology & Payment System) 
  •                 v.   Trade & Facilitation 

We are optimistic that this initiative of creating, retaining, and transferring knowledge among professionals on the forum would among others assist to:

  • Generate and manage a body of knowledge for members to draw on.
  • Promote the standardization of practice
  • Enhance cross knowledge frontiers
  • Create new ideas and innovate
  • Foster collaboration and networking
  • Improve performance

Members of the CIBN may register for their choice(s) of Community of Practice through the link 

Subsequently, the modalities of execution and guidelines on the implementation of the CIBN community of practice would be made available for the member’s information.

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